Are Invisalign in Luton right for me?

Within the world of modern dentistry there is a growing demand for subtle orthodontic alternatives. If you are an individual who is suffering from crooked, misaligned, or front protruding teeth, then orthodontics at our clinic within Luton could work for you. Patients who may lean more towards Invisalign (a popular brand provider of clear aligners worldwide) may wish for a brace without obvious dental work using metal brackets and wires.

What is Invisalign in Luton?

Invisalign could be argued as one of the largest brand providers of invisible braces within the United Kingdom. Invisalign works by slowly encouraging a patient’s teeth to move into a positive position, adjusting the position of the teeth to result in a straighter, healthier, and therefore happier smile.

How does Invisalign in Luton produce straighter teeth?

The clear aligner trays are custom made for each individual patient, the impressions therefore create a unique brace which works for your smile. The aligner trays are then replaced every few weeks, therefore encouraging the teeth to move into the desired position.

Embracing modern advancements within dental technology

At our dental clinic within Luton we offer a high standard of general, cosmetic, orthodontic,  and preventive dentistry within a modern and clean dental environment, our Invisalign service is therefore no exception.

A more comfortable dental experience

Dental putty was originally used to take impressions of our patients’ teeth, however many patients found this process uncomfortable, especially for those who were experiencing dental anxiety. Our dental clinic uses the best materials, as well as the latest dental technology, meaning we can create three dimensional digital impressions to determine your future smile, and the exact number of trays you require.

What are the benefits of receiving Invisalign?

Patients who are older and feel as if obvious orthodontic work could hinder their social or work prospects may feel as if discreet aligners would work best for them. Invisalign are deemed within the field of dental care as an effective way to produce subtle and long lasting dental results.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Many patients may have heard of ‘Invisalign’ however they may be unsure of the exact costs. At our clinic within Luton we display all of our dental costs directly on our website, this ensures our potential and pre-registered patients receive no unexpected dental costs.

It is always hard to suggest the exact cost to expect from a dental treatment, as each case can differ greatly depending on the number of clear aligner trays required in addition to the number of appointments. Despite this however our modern scanning impression system helps ease some of these burdens.

Dental fees

Costs for any dental treatment can be a deterrent, however all information on fees is available on our website and on contacting us. We believe that we keep quality high at a reasonable cost and encourage anyone to discuss their aspirations for a new smile with us.

Are you interested in the dental service we provide?

If you are interested in receiving clear aligners at our dental clinic within Luton, then feel free to give our dental team a call now!