Benefits of Invisalign invisible braces in Luton

Are you too conscious to smile because of flaws in your teeth? Straight teeth are aesthetically pleasing, but the fact is that most people are not born with a set of perfectly aligned teeth. If you are a self-conscious adult thinking about how improving your smile could help you feel more confident, Invisalign invisible braces might be for you.

At Vogue Dental Care, we appreciate that children and adults have different requirements. We therefore offer more discreet teeth straightening options for your journey to a flawless smile. Invisalign invisible braces in Luton are fast, effective, and durable, all while being inconspicuous.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign consists of a series of removable, transparent, custom-made, plastic aligners, which are designed to gradually move your teeth into straighter positions. The clear aligners are specially made to fit your teeth exactly and need to be changed every 2weeks as your teeth move. It’s recommended you wear your Invisalign invisible braces as much as possible, averaging about 22 hours a day for maximum effectiveness.

Advantages of Invisalign

Unlike popular belief, Invisalign does not only treat mild cases of crooked teeth. Since your dentist in Luton uses 3D images of your smile to create customised aligners, Invisalign can effectively treat a variety of dental issues including underbites, overbites, crowding, spacing issues as well as cross bites. To top it off, because your Invisalign invisible braces in Luton are custom-made to specifically meet you particular dental needs, the treatment is generally faster compared with traditional fixed metal braces. As a matter of fact, most patients are finished with treatment in under a year.

Perhaps more importantly, Invisalign aligners are completely removable. They should always be taken out when you eat, which means that you can eat your favourite foods without worrying about food getting stuck in awkward places around your braces. Taking them off to brush and floss your teeth, also makes dental hygiene less of a challenge.

Having straight teeth isn’t just about aesthetics. Straight teeth are easier to clean properly, leading to better dental health. Patients with straighter teeth are less likely to struggle with common dental problems like gum disease and bad breath, among others.