Casting light on all invisible braces in Luton could be doing for you

Clearly the best option

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we want our patients to know that we are behind them to provide the dental care they need, during what is a trying and unprecedented time for us all. Recent global events have made us all pay even closer attention to the importance of maintaining a good standard of health and self-care, and as such has spurred a large number of new patients to seek out dental care which they may have been putting off for some time. Having teeth which are misaligned can lead to a higher chance of developing dental and gum problems, which – if they are not properly treated – can have seriously harmful health ramifications which extend beyond someone’s oral wellbeing. Thankfully, the field of cosmetic orthodontics has made significant strides in the last few decades, allowing for a range of cosmetic treatments, such as invisible braces in Luton to be readily available. Treatments of this sort allow patients to discreetly correct misalignments within their teeth and therefore preserve their oral and overall health – without it affecting how they look or how they are viewed by others.

What are invisible braces in Luton?

Many of our older patients here at Vogue Dental Care had – or are familiar with those who had – conventional metal braces when they were younger. These braces are a proven, successful method of realigning a patient’s teeth and preserving their oral health. However, as many people are all too familiar with, these braces are not typically highly praised when it comes to their effect on the outward appearance of those who are wearing them. Additionally, these braces are often said to be largely uncomfortable and can restrict the patient’s ability to eat all foods, or annunciate certain words clearly. Invisible braces in Luton however provide a solution to all of these problems, by allowing patients to amend crooked or misaligned teeth in such a way that it has a minimally invasive effect on how they look or their ability to speak clearly.

What are my options for invisible braces?

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we are proud to offer our patients a range of cosmetic orthodontic – or ‘invisible braces’ – options. Each of these treatments are tailored specifically to meet the dental wants and desires of each of our patients. Treatments such as the Inman aligner, although not entirely ‘invisible’ can align a patient’s teeth in a far less invasive way than traditional braces, as they consist of just one single metal connecting wire, and operate through discreetly placed bows at either side of the braces at the back of the patient’s teeth. Other treatments of this nature which we offer include the Six Month Smiles system, which is similar to conventional fused braces, although the brackets are constructed from a transparent plastic and therefore are far less detectable when worn. In addition to this, as the name suggests, this method can yield a positive change to the alignment of a patient’s teeth in as little as six months (depending on the extent of treatment necessary).

Removable dental retainers

Another cosmetic orthodontic treatment which we offer to patients here at Vogue Dental Care are removable dental retainers such as Invisalign. Unlike most other methods of orthodontic alignment, Invisalign consists entirely of a removable plastic retainer and therefore doesn’t require that anything be attached to the patient’s teeth. Each retainer is made from a specialist dental plastic which is thin and transparent, and uses pressure points inside it to apply gentle force to specific teeth and gradually move them into place. As the retainers are custom built to fit each patient, when they are worn they are almost completely undetectable.