Cosmetic dentistry: so many ways to boost your smile

Cosmetic dentistry offers a number of ways in which a dentist can boost your smile. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton we invite anyone interested in cosmetic treatment to join us for a no-obligation consultation. We’re confident that we can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry in Luton: your options

Many people ask “is cosmetic dentistry for me?” At our Luton clinic we believe that aesthetic treatment is suitable for any adults who want it: men and women, young and old, whatever your requirements we are happy to help.

The philosophy behind cosmetic dentistry is “the process of providing the most convincingly natural dentition possible and maintaining it to the highest standards. At Vogue Dental Care our entire team is committed to upholding this philosophy, and to custom-designing the perfect smile to suit each client’s individual needs.

When you come for a cosmetic consultation at Vogue, you will be examined by a highly experienced cosmetic dentist. As well as looking at your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures, they will take the time to listen to what you like and dislike about your current smile, and what your ideal results from treatment would be.

Never be afraid to ask us questions or tell us your deepest wishes for your smile; we will happily work with you to achieve those goals.

Among the popular cosmetic procedures at our Luton clinic are:

Discreet orthodontics

Using either tooth-coloured braces or clear aligners, we can straighten your teeth quickly and without the whole world needing to know about it.

Teeth whitening

Using special dental bleaching gel, we can remove everyday stains from your teeth, either at home, here in the clinic, or using a combination of home and in-practice teeth whitening sessions.