Demand Grows for Smile Makeovers and cosmetic dentistry in the UK

A visit to the dentist is usually the last thing people want to do. Complex dental procedures, lengthy appointments and costly treatments do not necessarily endear dental practices to prospective patients. That is not how things currently work, however.

smile makeoversMost Brits nowadays make it seem like going to the dentist is the same as going shopping, thanks to recent studies about an increase in dental visits and profits. The surprising thing is that they are doing it because of smile makeovers – a series of cosmetic procedures designed to improve the teeth’s overall appearance. This trend has caused dental practices to expand their services to accommodate customers who are looking for cosmetic procedures.

Smile Makeovers on the Rise

Research shows that the British dental industry grew by about 46% between 2000 and 2010. The Care Quality Commission revealed that the value of the dentistry market rose to £5.7bn at the same time. Among those figures, £3.3bn (58%) went to NHS treatments and £2.4bn (42%) to private dentistry.

Smile makeovers came out as among the leading drivers of demand. Revenues of the private sector, which handles oral health and appearance, grew from £1.2bn to £2.4bn. The number of patients rose by 50% in 5 years for one dental practice alone.

Contributing Factors

Changing perceptions in oral health is one reason many people go to dental practices. For them, good teeth are not limited to undergoing tooth extractions, fillings or root canal treatments. Good oral health means having a complete set of pearly whites as well.

Most people go for dental veneers and teeth whitening treatments, allowing them to have celebrity smiles like those of Kylie Minogue and Holly Willoughby. Those with crooked teeth get clear, removable braces so they can eat and speak better compared to those who wear traditional metal braces.

The unlimited customisations that people can do with their teeth are another factor. Oral health experts note that more men are undergoing high-end aesthetic dental procedures. They usually adorn teeth with crystals, diamonds and other decorations. Some go over the top by having their names and favourite cartoon characters inscribed on their teeth.

Changing Lives through Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover makes a huge difference in people’s lives. Not only does it improve their oral health, it enhances their appearance, confidence as well as opportunities in life. It is not an accessory but more of a necessity.

At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, we understand that perfect teeth come with a good-looking smile. We provide cosmetic dental procedures that will put the perfect smile back on your face.

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