Discipline and dental treatment – invisible braces in Luton

Getting your teeth straightened is a commitment on several different levels. You need to be willing to undergo dental treatment with Vogue Dental Care for a lengthy amount of time. If you are an adult, you may also need to find the financial resources to pay for your equipment. We can help you understand and tackle any aspect of treatment so that you are happy going ahead.

Once you decide to have your teeth realigned with us, a member of the team at Vogue Dental Care will go through all the aspects of treatment that you will experience at home. When it comes to invisible braces in Luton, this normally requires you to adhere to strict guidelines to experience the full benefits of your treatment. For example, when you get Invisalign aligners, you need to be disciplined enough to do the following:

  • Wear your aligner for most of the day and night – teeth straightening treatments require consistent pressure to be applied to the teeth for them to move. With fixed braces, this happens all the time. With removeable braces, you can decide when you have your aligner in place. This offers a great feeling of freedom but, if you do not wear it for more than 22 hours per day, it will not work within the timeframe of your treatment plan;
  • Change your aligner at regular intervals – depending on the type of treatment that you have, you need to change your aligner every 7-14 days. This ensures that your treatment progresses at the planned rate. Occasionally you may be required to wear one or two for longer, but we can advise you on this during your regular check-ups. Choose a method for tracking your treatment. You can mark it on a calendar, set reminders on your phone or there are even some apps you can download to assist;
  • Visit for check-ups – we schedule appointments with you at roughly six-week intervals. These should be brief and simply allow us to track your treatment and offer you any support that you may need.

Invisible braces in Luton from Vogue Dental Care are an excellent choice for teeth straightening if you can manage your treatment effectively.