Discover the discrete ingenuity behind invisible braces in Luton

A new breed of dentists

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we’re not your typical dental practitioners, but rather a facilitator of the lifestyles and smiles of our patient’s dreams. We offer a new approach to conventional dentistry, and a service that is tailored around the lifestyles of our patients. Our highly trained team of professional dentists are committed to providing a bespoke patient-orientated dental service like no other. By utilising some of the most innovative and emerging technologies and methodologies within cosmetic dentistry, we ensure that all our patients are provided with the tools to sculpt their dream smiles. Those seeking invisible braces in Luton, need look no further than us here at Vogue Dental

Hidden wonders

At Vogue Dental Care, we pride ourselves on instilling in our patients the confidence to smile to their fullest potential, without any fear or embarrassment that can often arise from dental issues. One of the most common issues which patients come forward to discuss with us, and seek treatment for, are teeth which are misaligned. Typically, orthodontic realignment treatment would involve a great deal of procedures, and discomfort. Often patients would have to wear fused metal braces for a sustained period of time, which can be both uncomfortable as well as having a detrimental effect on their self-esteem. However, nowadays thanks to decades worth of design ingenuity and research, there are numerous methods of discrete dental alignment which we offer here at Vogue Dental Centre, such as invisible braces in Luton.

Removable, and remarkable

One such variety of invisible braces in Luton that we offer, is the installation of a Six Month Smiles retainer. These work by replacing the conventional metal brace, that is utilised within orthodontics as a method of pulling teeth into their correct specifications, with a removable plastic retainer. When worn, the retainer — which is constructed from the world’s most advanced aligner material — utilises custom fitted pressure points which gradually push the patients teeth back to their correct alignment. As the retainer is removable, popularity for this method of dental realignment has grown exponentially in recent years, over congenital, fused metal braces, as it affords the user the ability to undertake treatment at a time which is convenient to them. Additionally to this, when the retainer is worn, as it is custom fitted to the contours of each patient’s teeth, it is practically invisible. This again, is massively beneficial in boosting the self-esteem of those who seek treatment, as they can undertake essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted attention from their peers or colleagues.

In line with the times

Another method of discrete orthodontics which we offer here at Vogue Dental Care, is the installation of Inman aligners. Unlike our Six-month smiles procedures, these are not entirely invisible — but rather are more similar to conventional braces, in the way that they are fused to the front of a patient’s teeth. What separates Inman aligners from conventional orthodontics however, is that they contain only one thin metal wire, which results in them being far less conspicuous than traditional braces, which again can have a massively positive effect on the self-confidence of those seeking treatment.