Get Perfectly aligned teeth with Invisalign, Luton

It is important that we recognise the need to obtain the best oral health standard we possibly can, as this will allow us to not only enjoy a lifetime with healthy teeth and gums but will also have a positive impact on our overall health and well-being. But for some people maintaining high standards within their oral health and hygiene can prove to be a challenge due to them suffering from misaligned teeth.

It may seem strange to think of adults living with misaligned teeth in the UK, as many of us knew someone with braces in our teenage years, but the reality is not all of those offered braces in their teenaged years engaged with treatment and there are also a number of people who may have benefitted from treatment who were not offered it. This leads to them bringing their tooth misalignment issues into their adult lives and believing they had missed the opportunity to receive the treatment they may have needed.

Invisalign, Luton, can change this belief and offer those who may want tooth alignment treatment as adults the opportunity to receive treatment. If you are one of these adults, then there is finally a real treatment that can bring us the results you desire.

A discrete alignment treatment for the modern way of living

Invisalign, Luton, has been designed with you, the patient and the end-user in mind. The designers have tried to listen to all the concerns of the patient/end-user and believe they have created an aligner suitable for adults to use while going about their daily lives, this gives them the treatment they feel they need without anyone around them knowing.

Developed in Europe, these aligners are made from two pieces of clear plastic, which is durable and hard-wearing, and simply fit over the teeth in a way that should not cause you any major discomfort. Once in place, these aligners become very hard to detect by the naked eyes of others around you, giving you complete discretion while you are receiving the treatment you may feel you have needed for some time.

Your treatment will consist of several sets of aligners, all custom made to sit comfortably in your mouth and over your teeth. Each set of custom aligners serves its role within your treatment and will slowly move your teeth into the correct positions allowing them to become perfectly aligned. You should expect to be receiving treatment for twelve to eighteen months, but you may start to see noticeable changes sooner.

Preparing for treatment

It is vital that you prepare for treatment correctly, as this will help to lessen the risks from other dental issues, such as gum disease or tooth decay, while you are wearing the Invisalign, Luton, aligners that will be provided for you. You must try to practice a regular oral hygiene routine for a few weeks before treatment, as this will help to strengthen your oral hygiene.

Before treatment, you will need to undergo a full dental examination and consultation where any questions can be answered and a professional can give you tips and advice about maintaining your oral hygiene, both whilst preparing for and during your treatment, this will help you to gain the best possible results.

A new concept in oral health care, offering exceptional treatments designed to complement your lifestyle.