How do I know if cosmetic dentistry is right for me?

Cosmetic dentistry is an important part of dentistry, that works to improve the appearance of your smile. This can be done through a variety of treatments, as there are various reasons as to why your teeth might not look as aesthetically pleasing as you would like. Vogue Dental Care offers a fantastic service where we will offer and suggest treatments that we think are the best suited for you and are in your best interests. Your comfort is our number one priority, and we understand how sensitive your appearance might be to you, so we want to approach the treatments and advice carefully and empathetically.

What benefits does cosmetic dentistry have?

Cosmetic dentistry has many fantastic benefits, the main one being in the ability to create the smile that you have always wanted. But studies have shown that having a great smile can benefit you in several subtle ways. For example, many studies show that a smile is the first thing that people notice about you, and they will consider you to be more charismatic and approachable if this is agreeable. Therefore, if you are in a client or customer facing environment, a great smile can be a huge benefit.

Crooked teeth

One of the main concerns for adults is having crooked teeth, which in many cases may only be a minor problem, but enough to be noticeable, making people self-conscious about their smile. There is also a link between crooked teeth and tooth erosion, so it is important to address the issue head on, and fix your teeth.


If you are looking for Invisalign in Luton, then Vogue Dental Care will be able to help you out. As well as many other cosmetic options, Invisalign is something that we are proud to offer, and will give you any advice that is needed on it.

Invisalign works by using a series of plastic braces in order to realign the teeth. The system of treatment is engineered by replacing the Invisalign brace with a new brace every two weeks, that is slightly adjusted, so that with each new brace your teeth will be slightly straighter. We have given Invisalign to many patients already, who favour us as their practice in Luton. Invisalign has many advantages over traditional braces, the main one being that they are virtually invisible against the enamel. This means that if you are self-conscious about receiving braces, Invisalign could be your solution. Another great benefit of Invisalign is that it is not fixed to the teeth in any way, so it is fully removable. A result of this is that you are free to eat and drink whatever you like and will not have to make any dietary sacrifices due to the treatment.

Compared to fixed braces, Invisalign will take slightly longer to correct teeth, and may also not be suitable for everyone. However, the benefits offered by Invisalign make it an extremely popular treatment all over the country. If you are looking for Invisalign in Luton, then please contact us, and we will be able to book you straight in for a consultation.