How do invisible braces compare to traditional metal braces?

Despite both forms of orthodontics striving for the same results, both do so in varying ways. Traditional metal braces essentially use metal brackets and wires to encourage the teeth to straighten. Metal brackets are glued on to the surface of the teeth (using a special dental adhesive!), metal wires are then attached to realign the teeth, correct protrusion, and mend overbites. Invisible braces in Luton such as the clear aligners, and Inman aligners we provide at our clinic, use an alternative and arguably more unobtrusive approach.

Clear aligners are essentially replaced every few weeks to reach the desired position, Inman aligners are inconspicuous and contain just one thin metal wire to achieve results. Although both traditional metal braces and more subtle braces produce the same results, they differ greatly regarding their physical appearance, traditional metal braces could be considered as unsightly compared to the more subtle forms we offer our patients at our clinic within Luton.

Do you offer more than one type of invisible braces in Luton?

Yes! Many individuals may believe that clear aligners are the only form of alternative brace, although this is not the case. As well as offering Invisalign to our patients, we also offer Inman aligners.

What are Inman aligners?

Inman aligners are a type of brace that uses nickel titanium coil springs that gently oppose each other to produce results, these titanium bows place pressure on the teeth to guide them into the desired position. Inman aligners are far more discreet than traditional metal braces, and can be removed to adapt to our patients’ needs.

How long do Inman aligners take to produce results?

Inman aligners have the advantage of an extremely rapid treatment time, which could be argued as the reason for their popularity. Inman aligners may only take from around six to eighteen weeks to produce results, which can be ideal for individuals who want to achieve their perfect smile fast!

Are invisible braces in Luton right for me?

If you are an individual who wants straighter teeth (but may feel as if obvious dental work will hinder your career or social prospects), invisible braces might be perfect for you. Both of our types of subtle orthodontics are removable, meaning they are great for patients who wish to remove their dental work for certain life events. Both types of our braces can amend overcrowding of the teeth, as well as protrusion, and a mild to moderate jaw overbite.

How much does Invisalign cost?

The cost of Invisalign (much like any dental, orthodontic, or cosmetic treatment) varies greatly depending on the complexity of the individual case. Modern advancements within dental technology however allow our dentists to predict how many retainers are required, this drastically reduces the number of appointments required (and therefore cost).

Are Inman aligners the same price?

No! Inman aligners can be considered as excellent value for money, the price of Inman aligners is again determined based on the complexity of the dental case, and the number of treatment appointments required.