How Invisalign could help you at Vogue dental care

Treatment with Invisalign Luton at Vogue Dental Care is most suitable for working professionals who are looking for a low impact orthodontic solution Let’s go through the fundamentals of how treatment with clear aligners is carried out and how they work.

Clear aligners in the simplest description are transparent plastic forms that push your teeth into new positions. But this throws out an awful lot of the nuance and complexity that goes into the creation of these effective orthodontic instruments.

Clear aligners are designed by starting with an extremely accurate representation of the location of your teeth, from which an optimum alignment of a well meshing symmetrical straight teeth can be deduced. The challenge is then to predict what shape the forms have to be to encourage a patient’s teeth to move from where they currently are to their idealised final position. This involves an extremely high-fidelity anatomically correct model of the patient’s mouth and an awful lot of number crunching. 

The treatment schedule

We pre-assess all of our potential aligner patients by asking them to send in a dental photo or selfie along with a brief description of what their dental goals are. This allows you to quickly find out if this is the right treatment for you. If we’re not happy to prescribe aligners at this point, we will point you in the right direction. The pre-assessment is simply there to make sure nobody’s time is wasted and to reduce unnecessary travel.

If Invisalign Luton is the appropriate treatment for you we will ask you to come in for a “fiting.” Unlike fitting braces, this appointment is all about making sure that your future aligners will fit you. We will take a 3D scan of your teeth which is the fastest and most convenient way to get a highly detailed record of your tooth position. Using the predictive Invisalign Luton software, we can show you a rough outline of how your teeth will look after treatment and a set of sequential steps that your teeth will go through on their way to their final positions.

Once fabricated you’ll be issued with your aligners and you can begin treatment; be aware that each aligner in the sequence should be worn as often as possible only taking breaks to eat, drink or brush your teeth. They should feel snug but not uncomfortable and should be applying consistent gentle pressure across almost all of your teeth. Over time they will begin to feel looser, this is an indication that you need to move on to the next aligner in the sequence as your teeth have adopted a new position.

The length of any treatment schedule is highly variable between each individual patient and we would not be able to give you an accurate prediction until after the fitting appointment. If you’re curious about low impact orthodontics or think it may be appropriate for one of your family members please feel free to get in contact with the clinic or direct them to the initial consultation section of our website. We look forward to hearing from you!