How long has it been? Is it time for Invisalign?

Have you been feeling down about having misaligned teeth for a while now? Did you miss the opportunity to realign your smile when you were a teenager or are you a teen who has been procrastinating, because you aren’t keen about the thought of having braces? If time has been ticking on and you still haven’t looked at your options for realigning your smile, then it is time that here, at Vogue Dental Care, we let you in on the secret of Invisalign Luton. Invisalign is a discreet treatment for realigning mild to moderate alignment issues, such as crossbite, gapped teeth, crowded teeth, overbites or underbites. The system comprises aligners that are virtually invisible when they are worn over the teeth, being made of a transparent, durable plastic material. The treatment is a convenient, discreet and streamlined way to get the gorgeous smile you have secretly coveted.

How does Invisalign Luton do all this?!

Invisalign Luton has a number of advantages for patients and it starts with the fact that the aligners are made-to-measure your mouth. Using iTero technology, we scan your mouth to get the measurements we require for your aligners to be manufactured for you. When you wear your aligners, they should be comfortable for this reason. Each week or so, you will need to change your aligners, because each set will apply pressure to the teeth to push them into the position that is required to give you your great smile. We will provide you with enough aligners to last for about 6 weeks at a time, in between check-up appointments. When the aligners are worn over your teeth, only your teeth should be visible because the plastic is see-through. As such, you should be able to feel confident about wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day.

Can I remove the aligners?

Yes! Yes! Yes! For 2 hours a day, patients have the flexibility of choice about when they wear their aligners. You can remove your aligners at mealtimes, allowing you to eat whatever you want as normal, without having to avoid hard or chewy foods to ensure that your aligners aren’t damaged. What’s more, you can also take them out to clean your teeth and gums, enabling you to maintain your high standards of oral hygiene. There should also be enough time left to take them out while you play sports, parallel park, or go to your dance class – the choice really is yours – whatever floats your boat!

Realigning your smile is good for you

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of realigning your smile, don’t forget that there are health benefits for doing so, as well. By realigning your smile, you are putting the teeth into the best position for cleaning them properly. You may also have experienced speech difficulties, chewing issues or jaw pain from having misalignment, but by choosing Invisalign, you could resolve all of these problems in just 6 to 18 months, on average.

Discover Invisalign

To find out more about how exciting Invisalign could be for you, book in for an initial consultation. We also have a comprehensive range of other treatments for you and the whole family, so you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else after meeting us! We can take the time during the consultation to discuss all of your concerns and we will examine your mouth thoroughly to be able to present you with the treatment options. We will answer all your questions too, so that you can choose your preferred treatment, safe in the knowledge that it’s what you really think is best for you, based on the facts. At Vogue Dental Care, we want you to have a wonderful smile that functions, but also feels and looks fabulous, so come and see us today!