How should you choose a dentist?

An absolute must when selecting a dental practitioner for quality care is to pay attention to pertinent characteristics. It is having a unique set of traits that sets apart an extraordinary dentist Luton from a mediocre one.

Not having a dental practitioner who provides an exceptional patient experience makes it less likely for the patient to want to return to that dental clinic for further dental care. Any patient who avoids the dental chair puts their oral health at great risk.

Without proper professional dental check-ups, a patient may miss the opportunity to identify red warning flags such as the accumulation of plaque and tartar that lead to tooth decay or inflamed gums that indicate infection and the development of possible gum disease. A patient may also be unaware that they are showing symptoms of oral cancers which can only be reliably diagnosed by a professionally qualified dentist Luton.

If a dentist plays such a critical role in achieving optimal oral health, then a rational question would be; “how does one choose a good dentist Luton?” At Vogue Dental Care, we have painstakingly built an enviable reputation for delivering holistic, superior quality care. We have been able to achieve this hard-won feat by our dentist exhibiting a few looked-for qualities.

Must-have qualities a dentist should possess

  • Passion

A non-negotiable characteristic is passion for the work that they do. Looking for this quality works to a number of advantages for the patient. A by-product of passion for dental care is the extent of care for the patient that seeps into every area of practice, from developing a patient-centred philosophy to creating a welcoming and comfortable physical environment.

This passion will also prompt the dental practitioner to stay on-trend with modern treatments and techniques and invest in latest technologies and equipment to ensure patients receive effective and quality treatment.

  • Friendly and approachable

A patient who sees a dental practitioner who is aloof and impatient will not receive the same compassionate care that a friendly and caring dental practitioner will provide. It is only a patient and approachable practitioner who will take the time to explain confusing concepts in an easily understood way and answer the many questions and concerns the patient may have. At our practice, patient education is a fundamental part in the quality dental care we offer.

  • Long-term dentist/patient relationships are valued

A dental practitioner who looks to build a long-term relationship with each patient is another positive sign that he or she will care enough about patient experience and provide treatments that are in the interest of the patient in order to retain the loyalty of the patient.

Other additional qualities of equal importance that contribute to positive patient experience are: experience, industry-related knowledge and skills and further professional development (certification) in an array of dental fields (cosmetic, orthodontic, etc.)

Our firm focus at Vogue Dental Care is to ensure patients benefit from quality dental care. Never more has meeting patients been a top requirement. To see how our dentist compares to others, why not schedule a dental appointment at our dental clinic.