How to help your Invisalign aligners help you

Many of our patients at Vogue Dental Care have chosen Invisalign Luton to properly align teeth as their preferred teeth correcting system due to the many sought after benefits this modern orthodontics system provides. The highly popular system has achieved its envious status by dentists and patients alike thanks to incredible benefits including convenience, relatively less discomfort (when compared to traditional orthodontic appliances) and easier dental health hygiene maintenance.

While patients opting for Invisalign Luton have numerous unique plus points to enjoy, we like to remind patients that these benefits come off the back of using the clear aligner braces correctly. Yes, we are aware that some patients who do not follow our instructions regarding aligner use, do experience challenges on their teeth straightening treatment plan. It is with this thought in mind that we present a few top tips on how patients can help, and even augment, their aesthetic and dental health goals using Invisalign Luton.

Guidelines on using clear aligner braces properly

  • Use aligner trays as instructed

In the initial phase, while they adjust to the feel of having the trays on teeth, patients may be tempted to remove the trays for longer than is necessary. Due to the temporary initial discomfort or distorted speech they may experience, patients who are on social outings choose to leave their aligners at home, intending to put them back on when they get back home.

We cannot overemphasize that this is one of the major factors that will put one’s treatment plan in jeopardy. It only stands to reason that without the orthodontic appliance in the mouth, for the stated acceptable number of hours in a day, the aligners would not be able to produce the desirable effect.

To give patients their aesthetically-pleasing smiles, Invisalign aligner trays MUST be worn for a minimum period of 20 to 22 hours in a day. The trays are only allowed to be removed for short periods and at specific times: mealtimes, when cleaning teeth and aligner trays.

Another important point to consider is that the more a patient keeps the aligner tray on, the quicker he or she will adjust to wearing them.

  • Prioritise dental hygiene

Good dental hygiene plays an indispensable role in the teeth straightening process and in keeping teeth properly aligned. Poor oral health threatens the effectiveness of orthodontic treatments which is why we encourage patients not to miss out on daily brushing and flossing. And with removable aligner trays, one more simple step is added to the oral hygiene practice – cleaning the aligner trays as instructed. Bad bacteria and food particles left behind in the mouth can get trapped in the trays. It is vital that the trays are cleaned using a recommended dental solution.

  • Keep aligner trays safe when not in use

Even though Invisalign’s trays are made from top quality, medical grade plastic, these are at risk of damage or warping when not stored properly. Patients should ensure they use the proper storage cases designed to protect the trays.

At Vogue Dental Care, we take a holistic approach to protecting the dental health of patients. Give our reception team a call to arrange a consultation to discuss a suitable orthodontic treatment plan to give you the smile you deserve.