How We Shape Your Smile with Invisalign

The way we can improve upon your smile has only changed and improved over the years as new and interesting technology in the dental industry has been unveiled. One such technologically exciting procedure we treat our patients with at Vogue Dental Care is by the use of invisible braces, Invisalign in Luton.

This orthodontic procedure is one of the most interesting ways we help you to improve your smile.

What is it?

Although the name sounds high-tech, the appliance is fairly simple. It’s basically a see-through corrective brace that you wear and then swap with other braces to slowly realign any crooked teeth you have. Each brace you wear is fitted differently to place a small amount of pressure on your teeth to move them to a more aesthetically pleasing position in your gum line.

The scanning process

The process of being fitted for these corrective guards is also relatively easy. When you come in for Invisalign in Luton we will discuss the process with you then we will schedule in a scan. The scans themselves are either done with a laser or LED and this harmlessly maps out the topography of your teeth.

After your scan a 3D image of your mouth will be rendered, and we will use that to show you how your teeth will be realigned. It’s a neat process and it is the time you will be able to see how your smile will be improved before you go through with the procedure.

Benefits of the braces

There are a lot of reasons for booking yourself an appointment for Invisalign in Luton, the biggest of which is that because it’s transparent, it can make you feel more relaxed about wearing orthodontic braces out in public. They’re also very easy to clean, we recommend you use a small amount of aligner cleaning solution mixed with water, then gently brush this solution against the brace to clean it and reduce staining.

Finally, the procedure for being fitted for the mouthguards is also pretty quick and doesn’t leave any dental plaster in your mouth.

Post-treatment care tips

After you have been given your brace and left the practice, there are one or two things to keep in mind to make sure your treatment goes smoothly. First of all, there will be some discomfort involved as your teeth are being gentle moved around. We recommend you just use over the counter pain relief to help when the discomfort becomes too much.

You can also remove the brace for a break, but only do this for a maximum of two hours a day otherwise keep it in your mouth for a minimum of 22 hours a day. If you leave it out for too long you could impact your realignment treatment progress.

These braces are a great way to realign your teeth and help you improve your smile. There are a wealth of benefits to take advantage of, so if you’re interested in learning more then ask your dentist on your next appointment.