Invisalign Luton, is this the best orthodontic treatment for you?

No matter what age you are, tooth misalignment affects a high percentage of people across all age groups and whilst some people suffer from self-esteem issues, others feel as though their smile is perfect how it is. Luckily for those who do want to perfect and improve their smile there are multiple dental treatments and procedures available to help realign their wonky teeth and encourage a boost of confidence to their overall appearance.

Past realignment devices which have ranged from outside the mouth metal contraptions, to chunky, train-track style braces have not been a particularly subtle approach to realigning the teeth. This has meant that those in later stages of their life have shied away from receiving treatment and settled for a wonky smile. However, this is no longer an issue. Modern advances within the dentistry world have paid particular attention to the overall appearance of treatments and whilst they have maintained and improved the effectiveness of treatments and procedures, they have also ensured that the overall appearance is more subtle and in some cases transparent. This is where Invisalign Luton fits in.

What are they?

These custom-made, transparent, removable aligners are an effective tooth straightening treatment which allows the patient to continue with their daily life, with only minimal discomfort throughout the realignment process. This removable option enables patients to take control of their treatment and therefore commitment, dedication and an eye on the end goal is paramount throughout.

Beginning your Invisalign Luton treatment

Once you and our dental team have had an initial discussion within a routine appointment about the possibility of tooth realignment with Invisalign Luton, you will be booked in for a consultation. During this time a dental impression of your teeth or a series of photographs and X-rays will be taken and a 3D visual guide to your treatment will be provided. This enables patients to visualise the end result before taking the plunge. Having this end goal in mind also often helps patients stick to the treatment plan as they can visualise the results.

From the scans taken a series of custom-made plastic aligners will be created which fit your teeth perfectly. These aligners are to be worn for around 22 hours a day and are to be removed only during times of food consumption and during the daily oral hygiene process. This ensures that your treatment is in effect for the majority of the day. After approximately 2 weeks, depending on your case and advice from our dental team, you will be required to switch to the next set of aligners. The treatment time will be the same as the previous aligners and will continue to push your teeth, using pressure points, into a new aligned position.

Although this particular orthodontic treatment puts the majority of the treatment process within the patient’s hands, it is still important to have regular check-ups so that progress can be monitored and adjustments made should any be needed. These check-up appointments also enable you to voice any concerns that may have arisen.

Once the desired result has been achieved and the treatment comes to an end a new retainer will be created and provided to you so that the smile can be maintained. This is important as teeth can often shift back into their original positions, but with the final transparent retainer in place this reduces this risk.

Please note, all treatments and procedures can have potential risks so please discuss any mentioned within this article with our dental team.