Is Invisalign right for me?

If you are a patient looking towards orthodontics to realign your teeth, then Invisalign in Luton could be the perfect dental option for you. Within modern dentistry there is now a wide array of choices of brace (rather than just traditional metal braces), at our clinic we also offer Inman aligners as another form of more discreet orthodontics. Despite other options, Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Many individuals may lean more towards subtle orthodontics if they feel as if obvious dental work may lower their self-esteem, or hinder their work or social life. Despite common misconceptions, Invisalign aligners are not just for first time patients, but can also be used to refresh previous brace work if patients have failed to maintain their results with retainers.

How do Invisalign in Luton straighten my teeth?

Invisalign are just one brand provider of clear aligners, although they could be argued as the most popular, and are the brand we use at our dental clinic in Luton. Many patients may believe that they fail to produce as effective results as other braces, such as lingual, for example, however this is not necessarily the case. Clear aligners are transparent trays which are moulded perfectly to the patient’s mouth, and produce results by slowly encouraging the teeth to move in a positive direction. Clear aligners are not only suitable for moderate misalignment, but can also correct protrusion of the teeth, and an overbite.

The treatment process for Invisalign in Luton

Despite the ever growing orthodontic options within modern dentistry, all of which aim for the same results, a straighter and therefore more aesthetically pleasing smile, the Invisalign process is extremely quick, and simple, which is why we choose to use Invisalign for our patients. Within an initial consultation, our dentists will determine whether Invisalign aligners are right for you, if so, we will then continue with treatment.

The first steps to achieving your desired smile

Our highly trained dental team will first take an impression of your teeth and gums to send off to Invisalign, moulds can be taken in varying ways, however Invisalign treatment can be plotted using computer technology. After we have received your aligners from Invisalign, we can start treatment. After taking impressions we may be able to predict the treatment time, as well as the number of transparent trays required, which allows our patients to know the price of their treatment before it commences.

Invisalign essentially provides us with several trays to be replaced by you every few weeks, in order to produce rapid results.The clear aligner trays slowly reposition the teeth within the mouth to reach the final desired smile!

How long does Invisalign take to work?

As with any form of dentistry (whether general or orthodontic) the treatment time varies greatly, depending on the severity of the dental case. Although it is hard to predict how long each patient’s treatment can take, there is a general rule we can follow. Invisalign can take around twelve months to produce results, however patients should start to see a realignment of their teeth within two to three months, sometimes even less.