Kissing and Its Effects on Oral Health

Apparently, a passionate kiss does not only induce butterflies in your stomach—it also rids your teeth of unwanted cavities.

oral healthOn average, humans spend at least two weeks of their lifetime kissing someone. Despite tales of swapping spit and bacteria, kissing is an activity that promotes positivity for your oral health. With this in mind, it gives you more reasons to pull your loved one aside for an extra snog on the side.

Passionate Kissing for Your Teeth

Kissing promotes significant advantages that promote oral health through your saliva. Saliva contains substances such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, some of which are effective in keeping your mouth clean. Deep kissing increases your saliva flow, which keeps the mouth, teeth, and gums healthier.

Keep in mind that 80 per cent of the saliva’s bacteria are common to everyone; only 20 per cent are unique to you. The exchange of saliva during a kiss encourages the immune system to create more antibodies, which defends your body from infection.

In addition, kissing also keeps your teeth from cavities and decay. The stimulated flow of saliva neutralises the acid and flushes away excess food particles. The extra saliva washes the bacteria off your teeth, which breaks down stubborn oral plaque.

Good Kissing Practices

With the benefits in tow, kissing your loved one seems more appealing than ever. Still, there are things to remember in order to reduce the risk of passing or catching infection while you snog.

Remember not to kiss when the other person is sick or has an active cold sore around their lips or in the mouth. If you do so, you increase your risk of catching the same condition. Also, while kissing offers numerous benefits, it pays to maintain good oral hygiene. In fact, you owe it to your partner.

Our dental experts here at Vogue Cosmetic Dentistry encourage you to practice a good brushing and flossing routine at least twice a day, especially before you go to bed. Sleep slows the production of saliva, which is essential to keep your teeth cavity-free.

We want you to get the most out of your oral health. Get in touch with us for a smile worth another kiss.