Smooth out your smile

In Luton, dermal fillers can reduce the signs of ageing, quickly and easily.

Dermal fillers in Luton are designed to be a long-term, but not permanent, way to reduce the visible signs of ageing. This cosmetic facial treatment is being increasingly offered by dentists in the UK.

dermal-fillers-in-lutonAt Vogue Dental Care in Luton, dermal fillers are being requested more often because they provide a quick way to soften wrinkles and lines, and fill out hollows.

As we grow older, the amount of collagen in our facial skin decreases, and with this loss, our skin loses volume and develops wrinkles and hollows. Dermal fillers can help to make these wrinkles and hollows less visible, if not disappear entirely.

In Luton, dermal fillers are injected in quick treatment sessions to recreate younger skin by smoothing out and plumping up the contours of the face.

There are basically two kinds of dermal fillers in Luton. One kind uses an active ingredient called hyaluronic acid. This is an acid that is naturally found in human muscles, tendons and skin, as well as many other parts of the body. In the skin, it helps protect against ultraviolet rays and sunburn, and it also keeps skin cells connected,and so creates a smooth and even-toned skin surface. Hyaluronic acid also helps the skin absorb and retain atmospheric moisture, which helps prevent premature aging, hyper pigmentation, and other unwanted effects of dry skin. All these wonderful attributes result in plumper, more glowing skin, which reduces fine lines. Three brands of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra. These produce great, long-lasting results around the mouth, forehead, nose and eyes.

The second kind of dermal fillers in Luton works against the loss of facial fat (facial lipoatrophy), another part of the ageing process that is especially noticeable round the cheeks, eyes and temples. Sculptra is one brand of dermal filler in Luton. Its active ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). This is injected into the skin where facial fat has been lost, causing the skin to thicken, plumping out folds and sunken areas and reducing the signs of fat loss.

Dermal fillers in Luton, produce great long-lasting results, typically up to two years.

What are dermal fillers?

In Luton, dermal fillers are semi-permanent injections that are used to fill out wrinkles and creases in the skin.

Currently, dermal fillers are among the most common, minimally invasive and versatile procedures for rejuvenating and sculpturing your body, including neck, hands and face.

dermal-fillersThey are also used to increase the volume and definition of your lips. Dermal fillers are largely effective in helping to plump up or reduce the deeper lines that can form as the skin ages and loses elasticity. This can be due to many factors including your lifestyle or sun damage.

The dermal filler procedure

Every procedure starts with your comfort. We provide this by using an injection of local anaesthetic to the area of your choice. This minimises any discomfort you may feel.

When this takes effect, you will then have your dermal filler injections. These will be placed in your chosen areas for improvement.

The process is quick and relatively painless. It may only take a few minutes to complete. You can leave our clinic and get on with your daily life straight after your appointment.

The results of your dermal fillers, Luton are long lasting, but not permanent. They last around 12 months. Follow up treatments with us can lead to a longer lasting effect for you.

Why Vogue Dental Care?

At Vogue Dental Care, Luton, dermal fillers have become increasing popular with our clients. The availability and price of our procedures have changed over the last few years, providing an easier and more affordable service to our patients.

Dermal fillers, Luton also have an instant result. You can leave our clinic feeling immediately refreshed, both aesthetically and mentally.

At Vogue Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing our patients with a high standard of care,situated in a welcoming setting. We continuously strive for excellence and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of your aesthetic needs. We ensure all our customers benefit from the latest techniques available, providing a service unrivalled by anyone else.

Our dermal filler prices start from as little as £275. So, why not give us a call today?

Take as much care of your face as you do of your teeth

So, you have invested a lot of time and money in making sure your teeth and gums are healthy and in perfect condition for a great smile. But what about your face? Is it providing the perfect frame for that perfect smile? Or are the years catching up with you and giving your face problems like wrinkles, folds and hollows?

dermal-fillers-lutonIf you live in Luton, dermal fillers may be the perfect solution. At Vogue Dental Care, we offer a procedure that is quick, often just 30 minutes, with many people experiencing no pain at all and minimum side effects.

Dermal fillers in Luton offer an affordable and highly effective way to address the effects of aging. Minimal, non-surgical injections can minimise those dreaded naso-labial folds (which run from your nose to your mouth), and add youthful volume to lips, cheeks, chins and even your décolletage.

There are several different systems of dermal fillers. In Luton, we use Restylane to smooth away wrinkles, enhances facial contours, create fuller lips and revitalise skin. Restylane is a natural hyaluronic acid gel which is injected into, or just under, the skin to replenish the hyaluronic acid that your body naturally produces less of as it ages. The results are instant and can often last up to 12 months. In Luton, dermal fillers are an ideal treatment for those who want to look younger naturally.

Restylane is well tried and tested and very popular worldwide. There are several products in the Restylane line of dermal fillers in Luton. Restylane and Restylane Lyft are used to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines. Restylane Silk is used to create fuller and more accentuated lips. Restylane Lyft is used to add lift and volume to the cheeks. All Restylane products work to enhance facial features and give long-lasting, yet non-permanent results.

And who better to help you create a younger looking face than a dentist who has already been highly trained in the anatomy of the skin, muslces, tendons and nerves of the face?

For more information about Restylane dermal fillers in Luton and to see how we can help you, book your Initial Consultation today on 01582 432181 or email us at Vogue Dental Care at

Achieve a younger looking face!

Looking to get dermal fillers in Luton? Here at Vogue Dental Care we offer a range of treatments including dermal fillers which are used as an effective treatment for deep lines and wrinkles. They can help reduce deep lines and wrinkles which age your face prematurely, fill hollows, enhance sunken cheeks and smooth the contours of your face. Anti-ageing facial fillers are the non-surgical way to achieve younger looking skin and provide volume for tired lines and wrinkles.

dermal-filler-treatmentAs your skin ages, the collagen that helps to shape and support it is gradually lost. A variety of environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking, air pollution and even stress can all speed up the appearance of ageing. There are many benefits to having dermal fillers in Luton, which is a non-invasive treatment which comes with minimal side effects, allowing you to get on with your day straight after the treatment.

Dermal fillers in Luton help to:

  • Reduce lines and wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance
  • Replenish lost volume for a softer look

How do dermal fillers in Luton work?

It will usually depend on the area being treated as to which product our qualified practitioners would recommend, but whichever is used, the immediate effects will be plumper skin, smoother wrinkles, and filled out deep lines. Dermal fillers achieve this by replacing the collagen lost due to natural ageing or skin damage.

What does dermal filler treatment involve?

Small amounts of dermal filler are injected directly into the skin using a fine needle. After cleansing the area before treatment, a numbing cream will be applied to ensure the injections only cause minor discomfort. If you are having your lips or facial contours treated, the filler helps to add volume, restore shape, and give a fuller, more fresh appearance.

Dermal fillers should only ever be carried out by fully qualified doctors and nurses, so be sure never to accept treatment from anyone who is offering dermal fillers cheaply, or if you suspect they are not a qualified professional.

Contact us today to find out more information on dermal fillers in Luton and how they can help you achiever a fresher look.

You can look young again with dermal fillers in Luton

Are you sick of looking in the mirror each day and not being happy with the way your face looks, due to lines, wrinkles and tired looking skin? Dermal fillers in Luton could be the solution for you. Vogue Dental Care offers dermal fillers in Luton to get rid of that ageing look, and to make you confident and happy with your reflection. According to, dermal fillers are mainly used to: reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the face, reduce frown lines, volumize cheeks and cheekbones, plump up the lips and even to make veins less prominent in the backs of hands. Luton dermal fillers uses a natural gel called Restylane that provides instant results for up to 12 months. The gel is injected into or under the skin and could be an ideal treatment for those wanting that natural youthful look.

dermal-fillers-in-lutonTreat yourself to celebrity style

Many celebrities are apparently frequent users of dermal fillers, says celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Madonna are rumoured to be among them, where as other celebs like Janice Dickenson are open about their use of cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers in Luton could make you feel like a celebrity when you’re walking through the high streets, with your beautiful young looking skin.

Lips and hands

If you are unhappy with your lips, or think they’re a little on the thin side, Restylane dermal fillers could transform your lips by making them look fuller and giving you that perfect pout. Some people wear their age well; they may be 55 but their face says they’re 35! Although they still have that youthful look in their face, many people have hands that give their age away. As we get older the skin on our hands becomes less elastic and plump, causing them to appear thin, wrinkly and for the veins to protrude out. Dermal fillers in Luton can transform the look of your hands, revitalising your tired old hands into beautiful youthful looking hands once again, ensuring they don’t give the age game away. For more information on what dermal fillers can do for you, contact Vogue Dental Care.

Make-over in minutes!

As we age, we notice our skin begins to lose that fresh, plumpness and all that smiling and laughing (or grimacing and frowning) leads to permanent creases that become increasingly obvious with the passage of time. There are hundreds of creams and serums on the market all claiming to reduce wrinkles and fill lines to create a more youthful-looking skin but they can only do so much. At Vogue Dental Care we go a step further. In Luton,dermal fillers are available at our practice.

dermal-fillersSo what are dermal fillers?

The treatment is a temporary cosmetic procedure that takes just a few minutes yet lasts from six to twelve months depending on the patient’s skin type and the area treated. The result is immediate and gives patients a smoother, younger looking skin. It’s a two-stage process beginning with the administration of a local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort. Ageing leads to a reduction in the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid so the dermal filler treatment process involves injecting a sterile hyaluronic acid gel into the skin.

So where can you have a dermal filler in Luton?

Basically, anywhere on your face, hand and neck where you have wrinkles, dermal filler can be used. It is also used on lips to enhance the shape, although the treatment wears off more quickly on lips than on the skin. The amazing results patients get with this treatment are easily maintained through regular appointments for repeat treatments.

It’s easy to see why more and more people are investing in dermal fillers to enjoy a youthful skin. The fact that there is no surgery involved is obviously a major attraction. Furthermore, it is painless and the only after-effect is smoother, more beautiful skin. The other key advantage to this type of cosmetic skin treatment is the speed. For busy people with hectic professional or personal lives, dermal filler treatment that can be done in just a few minutes with immediate results and no recovery time is the perfect solution.

In Luton, dermal fillers are the skin treatment of choice for a growing demographic as awareness of dermal fillers spreads and as more people are invest in retaining or obtaining younger-looking skin.

Let us fill you in

Do you suffer with fine lines and wrinkles, sunken skin and other skin problems associated with the ageing process? Would you like younger-looking, firmer and plumper skin? If you live in Luton, dermal fillers could be a good choice for you.

dermal-fillersOver time, internal forces (your genes, biology, the ageing process) and external forces (skincare habits, the environment) affect the quality of your skin. Our actions and lifestyle – smoking, how hydrated we keep ourselves, sun exposure and our diet can have serious effects on our skin.

As time passes, our skin loses its youthful appearance and its natural radiance. It gradually becomes thinner, less firm and less hydrated. This is because the molecule that provides a solid structure and retains hydration in our skin slows down as time goes by.

The underlying bone structure of the face also changes with time. Definition in the face, such as in the cheeks, can be visibly reduced.

Which areas can dermal fillers treat?

At our practice in Luton, dermal fillers can fill a wide variety of places and problem areas on the face, from the grooves from the nose to the mouth, lines and furrows in the forehead, lipstick lines, pits left by acne and crow’s feet. We can also plump up thin, narrow lips and sunken cheeks. Dermal fillers can even be used to contour the bridge of the nose.


In the late 1980s, Swedish scientist BengtÅgerup created a way to restore skin structure and retain natural moisture. His idea was to deliver naturally occurring hyaluronic acid to the skin safely so the skin did not detect it as a foreign substance, causing immune reactions. The resulting product was Restylane, the firstnon-animal hyaluronic acid filler in the world.

We use Restylane dermal fillers in Luton.This is a natural gel which works instantly by being injected into, or just underneath the skin, with results lasting up to 12 months.

Contact us

We can provide many other preventive and cosmetic dentistry procedures in addition to dermal fillers. Luton is our dental practice location – you will find us at 260-262 Crawley Green Road, or you can call us 01582 432181.

Vogue Dental Care – The place to get dermal fillers in Luton

Your skin is an amazing thing! It protects you from the world and keeps you together at all times! It is remarkably strong also, protecting you from dangers and repairing itself quickly and intuitively to create a barrier from the elements. However, due to ageing, lifestyle, or a variety of environmental factors like the weather and also things like diet or smoking cigarettes, our skin can take look visibly worn.

dermal-fillers-in-lutonRestylane products are designed to counteract the negative habitual or environmental effects on your greatest asset. Your skin! Many healthcare professionals use the Restylane range across the world to brighten and revilatise skin.

Injectable fillers or dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers that can be injected into skin creating a smoother experience for patients in Luton. Dermal fillers can also be made of collagens.

How can dermal fillers in Luton help to create a more youthful and revitalised look for my skin?

Our dermal fillers in Luton, include collagen and hyaluronic acid treatments, which are injected into the skin and have the effect of visibly reducing wrinkles and lines in the skin such as frown lines and crows feet. Restylane products can also add definition and/or volume to cheeks, lips and other areas of the face, to provide a more youthful look. Restylane products can also be used in some cases to improve the appearance of blemishes or scars. You can talk to your dentist about how Restylane could help you.

Dermal fillers like collagen are also regularly used to fill in thin or wrinkled lips and give a fuller smile for people that feel that their teeth can be enhanced by the lips that surround their smile!

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin and plays a vital role in the healing of skin. It is found in especially high concentrates in the base layers of the skin, and can affect things like the ageing of skin and also the hydration of the surrounding skin and soft tissues

At Vogue Dental Care in Luton we use Restylane dermal fillers as a beauty treatment to smooth away your wrinkles, create more full lips and skin, and to enhance the contours of the face.

Younger looking skin with dermal fillers in Luton

In Luton, dermal fillers can help you step away from the wrinkles and hollows that come with ageing skin.

At Vogue Dental Care, we not only offer cosmetic dentistry, but aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers that treat the face your beautiful smile is living in.

dermal-fillersOur qualified practitioners use a range of tried and tested dermal fillers products that can help you achieve the desired result. Dermal fillers can plump up your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill out deep lines by replacing the collagen that is lost due to natural ageing or skin damage.

In Luton, dermal fillers called Juvederm® and Restylane®, are injected in controlled doses just under the surface of skin of the area to fill out the sunken areas and lines to achieve a firmer, smoother, refreshed appearance. The results can last from six months to two years, depending on the type of dermal filler used.

Sculptra is injected into the deep dermis and helps to replace lost collagen. This is a one-time treatment taking up to four sessions, which are usually scheduled a few weeks apart, and the results can last for over two years.

What happens during a treatment with dermal fillers?

In Luton, dermal fillers are injected by a qualified practitioner directly into the skin using an ultrafine needle. Before the injections, the area being treated is cleaned and prepared with a numbing cream to ensure that you experience only minor discomfort.

The gel of the dermal fillers help to plump up the skin, smoothing out lines and wrinkles. If you are having your lips or facial contours treated, the filler gives a fuller, fresher appearance by adding volume and restoring shape.

Treatment with dermal fillers normally takes no more than half an hour, depending on the area treated, and you can leave the clinic as soon as you feel ready, and get on with your day.

After your treatment, you may experience a minor amount of swelling which will quickly dissipate, taking no longer than 48 hours.

Depending on the type of dermal fillers you are treated with, the results will last for between six months and two years. And top up treatments can be used to maintain your new, youthful appearance.

Now we offer more ways to frame your smile

In Luton, dermal fillers are another quick, easy way to increase the beauty of your smile, but with a twist.

dermal-fillers-in-lutonDermal fillers for the face, the frame around your mouth, to make sure that your new sparkling smile is sitting in a beauty spot.

At Vogue Dental Care, we know that a smile is only as beautiful as the face graces, which is why we have started offering dermal fillers.

In Luton, dermal fillers are increasingly popular because they provide a quick way to soften facial wrinkles and lines, and fill out the hollows that develop as the skin of the faces ages. All of these are a natural but unwelcome part of increasing maturity and wisdom, but with dermal fillers they can be become far less intrusive.

As we grow older and wiser, the skin on our face ages, losing the collagen that supports it and gives it volume. That is when hollows and wrinkles start to appear. Dermal fillers are a quick, injectable treatments that smooth and plump out the contours of the face to recreate younger skin.

Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra are dermal fillers that provide fantastic, lasting results. The active ingredient present in dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane is hyaluronic acid. The acid used in these dermal fillers is naturally found in the skin, tendons and muscles of humans, and is the perfect product to work against a variety of natural ageing symptoms, including sad mouth lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, ageing lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance lip volume and contour.

Another part of the natural ageing process is the loss of facial fat, particularly in their cheeks and around their eyes and temples. Dermal fillers such as Sculptra, or poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), are used to combat facial fat loss – also called facial lipoatrophy. When PLLA is injected into the skin where facial fat has been lost, it causes the skin to thicken, improving the appearance of folds and sunken areas and masking the fat loss.

At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, dermal fillers will give you the smile you have always wanted in the face you thought you had lost to natural ageing.