Let cosmetic dentistry create the smile of your dreams

Cosmetic dentistry enables a dentist to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Vogue Dental Care in Luton offers a large selection of cosmetic procedures, so whatever your concerns about your current smile, why not come in to see us for a chat to discover how close your dream smile actually is?

Cosmetic dentistry in Luton

cosmetic-dentistryCall in to see us at Vogue in Luton for a smile makeover consultation and you will be seen by a highly experienced cosmetic dentist. They will listen to what you want to achieve from treatment, and will undertake an in-depth clinical examination before creating a fully-customised treatment plan.

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad church with a huge range of treatments, both large and small. Whether you want to quickly and efficiently boost the appearance of your smile with the help of teeth whitening treatment, or you need more extensive work involving discreet orthodontics or restorative work, Vogue Dental Care Luton can help.

Treatment options

You may need just one treatment, or a combination of two or more. Many of the clients at our Luton clinic also enjoy the benefits of facial aesthetics treatments – using dermal fillers or Botox to combat the signs of ageing – to round of a smile makeover.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

Teeth whitening

One of the cornerstones of cosmetic dentistry, when delivered by a dentist this treatment is a fast, safe, and predictable way to remove everyday stains from your teeth.

White fillings

If old, discoloured metal amalgam fillings are getting you down, your Lutondentist can safely replace them with white or tooth-coloured composite fillings. This usually just needs one appointment.

Discreet orthodontics

Discreet orthodontic devices such as the Inman Aligner, Six Month Smiles, and Invisalign can be used to subtly straighten your teeth, improving your confidence and your oral health.

Botox and dermal fillers: how facial aesthetics can be the perfect complement to cosmetic dentistry

Facial aesthetics treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers can be the perfect complement to a smile makeover. Luton clinic Vogue Dental Care offers facial aesthetics from medically-qualified professionals, designed to ensure that when you unveil your new smile to your friends and family, you truly feel a million dollars.

dermal-fillersDermal fillers and Botox are designed to counteract the premature signs of ageing without the need to go under the surgeon’s knife. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton we deliver these treatments painlessly and precisely to create a naturally radiant look, with no danger of treatment looking overdone.

At our Lutondental centre we are well aware that feeling good about your appearance means more than just having a beautiful smile, which is why we offer Botox and dermal fillers as the perfect way to round off your smile makeover. You will be left looking and feeling up to ten years younger.

Botox in Luton

A medically trained professional, such as a dentist or doctor, is an excellent candidate to deliver facial aesthetics treatments, because they have an excellent understanding of facial anatomy and know how to deliver exactly the right amount of treatment to exactly the right place to produce beautiful results every time.

Botox is used to combat premature signs of ageing such as unwanted folds, wrinkles, and lines on the face. It can also be used to treat excessive sweating, and blepharospasm – a condition that causes uncontrollable twitching of the eyes.

It works by forcing the tiny facial muscles to relax, flatting out the skin above to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, lines and folds.

Dermal fillers can also be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, to enhance facial contours, and to plump up the lips for a fuller appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry: so many ways to boost your smile

Cosmetic dentistry offers a number of ways in which a dentist can boost your smile. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton we invite anyone interested in cosmetic treatment to join us for a no-obligation consultation. We’re confident that we can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry in Luton: your options

Many people ask “is cosmetic dentistry for me?” At our Luton clinic we believe that aesthetic treatment is suitable for any adults who want it: men and women, young and old, whatever your requirements we are happy to help.

The philosophy behind cosmetic dentistry is “the process of providing the most convincingly natural dentition possible and maintaining it to the highest standards. At Vogue Dental Care our entire team is committed to upholding this philosophy, and to custom-designing the perfect smile to suit each client’s individual needs.

When you come for a cosmetic consultation at Vogue, you will be examined by a highly experienced cosmetic dentist. As well as looking at your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures, they will take the time to listen to what you like and dislike about your current smile, and what your ideal results from treatment would be.

Never be afraid to ask us questions or tell us your deepest wishes for your smile; we will happily work with you to achieve those goals.

Among the popular cosmetic procedures at our Luton clinic are:

Discreet orthodontics

Using either tooth-coloured braces or clear aligners, we can straighten your teeth quickly and without the whole world needing to know about it.

Teeth whitening

Using special dental bleaching gel, we can remove everyday stains from your teeth, either at home, here in the clinic, or using a combination of home and in-practice teeth whitening sessions.

How Botox can beat your wrinkles and combat the signs of ageing

Botox and facial aesthetics treatments are increasingly popular with people who want to combat the premature signs of ageing, such as unwanted lines or wrinkles. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton we offer a number of facial aesthetics treatments, delivered by fully-trained and experienced practitioners.

botox lutonThe benefits of Botox

Botox uses a purified form of the botulinum type A toxin to help combat lines, wrinkles and folds. It is one of a number of facial aesthetics treatments available at our Lutondental centre, all of which are non-surgical methods of rejuvenating the skin to leave you looking and feeling several years younger.

Botox treatment in Luton

At Vogue Dental Care we offer walk-in appointments for facial aesthetics treatments. Botox is delivered in pain-free injections which are specifically targeted to make the tiny facial muscles in problem areas relax, smoothing the skin out to get rid of lines, wrinkles, and folds.

Botulinum type A toxin is most commonly used on the forehead and around the eyes, as well as to lift the jowls. It takes between four and five days for the full results to develop, and whilst this is a temporary treatment it commonly lasts between three and six months, depending on the area that is treated.

When performed by a medically trained professional such as a dentist or doctor, the results of Botox treatment are noticeable, but also subtle, meaning that they will look entirely natural.

Botulinum type A toxin treatment can also be beneficial for treating some medical conditions. It is particularly helpful for treating blepharospasm, a condition that sees the eyes twitching uncontrollably, and also for treating excessive sweating, which can be very distressing and socially embarrassing for sufferers.

To find out how botulinum type A treatment and other facial aesthetics options can benefit you, book a consultation at Vogue today.

Quick ways cosmetic dentistry can boost your smile

Cosmetic dentistry covers a huge selection of treatments large and small. At Lutondental practice Vogue, whilst we are keen to stress that there is no such thing as a “quick fix” when it comes to cosmetic dental treatment, there are nevertheless some fast and effective ways to boost the appearance of your smile – and with it your self-confidence.

cosmetic-dentistry-lutonIt you are interested in finding out more about what cosmetic dentistry can offer you, we invite you to join us for a consultation here at our Luton practice with an experienced cosmetic dentist. They will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures, before recommending the best course of treatment.

The cosmetic dentistry menu at our Luton practice is extensive. Among the fastest smile-boosters available are:

Teeth whitening

One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry, when carried out by a dentist whitening treatment is a safe and predictable smile boost. At our Luton clinic we offer three options for teeth whitening treatment: home whitening, power whitening in the practice, and a combination of both. Depending on which you choose, treatment takes between two weeks and a just one hour.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers improve the appearance of the front teeth. They can be used when teeth are permanently discoloured, have minor chips or cracks, or small alignment issues. Micro-thin porcelain shells, veneers are affixed over the front surfaces of the teeth with strong dental adhesive.

Replacement of white fillings

At our Luton practice your dentist can replace metal fillings with tooth-coloured alternatives. These will be closely matched to the natural colour of your teeth, as will all cosmetic dentistry restorations.

Discreet orthodontics

We use both tooth-coloured braces and clear aligners at our Luton clinic to quickly improve the alignment of your teeth. Some products, such as the Inman Aligner, work in as short a time as six weeks.

Cosmetic dentistry explored: why you must see a dentist for whiter teeth

Cosmetic dentistry offers numerous ways for your dentist to boost your smile. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic options. Here, we explore what is involved, and why contacting a dental professional is essential for anyone considering treatment.

cosmetic-dentistryHow does teeth whitening work?

Teeth are easily stained by a number of lifestyle factors, including smoking, certain foods and drinks, some medications and some medial conditions. When performed under the supervision of a dentist, teeth whitening treatment is a fast, safe, and effective way to remove these stains, leaving your smile several shades brighter. It’s not difficult to see why this is such a popular cosmetic dentistry option.

At our Luton clinic we offer several options for patients seeking teeth whitening consultation. When you come in for an initial cosmetic dentistryconsultation with an experienceddentist, they will talk you through all of the options so that you can pick the best one to suit your needs.

Why do I have to see a dentist

There have been several stories in the media recently about the dangers of unlicensed teeth whitening treatment. The products used at our Luton practice are tried, tested and safe. Many over-the-counter or online options contain dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide – up to 300 times the safe legal limit, according to the Local Government Association (LGA). This can be seriously dangerous to your oral health, and has been likened by the LGA to “brushing your teeth with bleach.”

The teeth whitening products used by dentists are tried, tested, safe, and legal. They provide a reliable method of whitening your teeth without causing harm. You wouldn’t consult anyone other than a dentist for other cosmetic dentistry procedures – and the same should be said for teeth whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry explored: teeth whitening treatment

Teeth whitening is one of the staple treatments of cosmetic dentistry. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, we offer three options for teeth whitening treatment. If you are interested in brightening up your smile in this way, we invite you to join us for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist.

teeth-whiteningWhen you come into our Luton clinic for your cosmetic dentistry consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to check that you are in good oral health and to assess the type of staining on your teeth to ensure teeth whitening is the most appropriate option.

As with any procedure in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening should only be carried out on a healthy mouth, which is one of the reasons visiting a dentist is essential. Should your clinician find you need any other treatment, this will be carried out first.

You also need to see a dentist because the whitening products offered in dental practices are tried, tested, and safe. Other options, such as from beauty salons on the internet, are unlikely to have been tested to such a degree, and in some cases can damage your teeth.

The whitening options on the cosmetic dentistry menu at our Luton practice are:

Zoom in-practice whitening

This takes place here in our Luton clinic and is performed by a dentist. This is the fastest teeth whitening option, taking just one hour.

Nitewhite home whitening

Your clinician will create custom-made tooth-whitening trays, which you will use at home with Nitewhite whitening gel. You wear the trays overnight for 18 nights.

Enlighten combination whitening

Enlighten enables you to choose the shade of whiteness you want to achieve. You start off with home whitening sessions using trays, then come for a final session with a dentist here at our Luton practice. Enlighten whitening produces long-lasting results.

Cosmetic dentistry can have health benefits: why you should consider teeth straightening

While cosmetic dentistry primarily deals with the aesthetic appearance of a smile, at Luton dental practice Vogue we are always keen to stress the health benefits of many cosmetic treatments. Options such as cosmetic crowns have an obvious positive impact on oral and general health; restoring and strengthening a worn tooth ensures you can still eat a healthy diet, with biting and chewing forces evenly distributed between the teeth. But did you know that cosmetic braces have health benefits too?

cosmetic-dentistryStraighter teeth are one of the most common requests in cosmetic dentistry. While children and teenagers now standardly have orthodontic treatment, the adult orthodontic market is also expanding rapidly. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton we understand that whilst many adults want to straighten their teeth, the thought of wearing obvious metal braces can be off-putting to say the least. That’s why we are proud to offer a number of more discreet options.

If you are interested in discreet teeth straightening treatments, we invite you to join us at our Luton practice for a cosmetic dentistry consultation. Your dentist will examine your teeth and your bite (the way that your jaws meet together) before talking you through the pros and cons of all relevant treatments.

We offer treatment with both tooth-coloured cosmetic braces and clear aligners at our Luton practice. The best option for you will depend on the type and amount of correction required, as well as on your personal preference.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are cosmetic, tooth-coloured braces that move your teeth gently and quickly. They work so fast because they focus on those teeth that show when you smile.

Inman Aligner

This single-use clear aligner is good for treating adult relapse, crooked or crowded front teeth. It is designed to work rapidly and is sometimes used as a precursor to other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Let cosmetic dentistry unlock the beauty within

Cosmetic dentistry is the perfect way to boost the appearance of your smile, and is no longer reserved for Hollywood stars and the super-rich. At Luton dental practice Vogue, our skilled cosmetic team offer a wide selection of treatments large and small, so if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, come and see us for a consultation to see how we can help you.

What can cosmetic dentistry do for me?

cosmetic dentistryThe question of what cosmetic dentistry can do for you is something we frequently hear at our Luton dental clinic. The simple answer is: whatever you want. Whether you simply want to boost your smile quickly and effectively before a special occasion, or you need extensive work to restore your smile’s beautiful appearance, a cosmetic dentist will be able to help.

Our smiles are the first thing many people notice about us, and most people want to be able to laugh and smile in confidence in public to let their true personality shine through. However, many people are also unhappy with some aspect of their smile – thinking their teeth are too crooked or discoloured – which is where cosmetic dentistry comes in.

At Vogue in Luton, we believe in providing treatments that last – as well as looking entirely natural. When you come in for your cosmetic dentistry consultation, your clinician will undertake a detailed examination of your teeth and gums, and will listen to your individual concerns and desires for what you want treatment to achieve. They will then run through the pros and cons of all appropriate treatments to achieve this, so you will be fully-involved in the decision-making process at all times.

From teeth whitening to cosmetic orthodontics or full-mouth restorations using dental implants, bridges or cosmetic dentures, we are confident that we will create the perfect smile for you.

Botox: the perfect complement to cosmetic dental treatment

Botox and facial aesthetics treatments are the perfect way to complement cosmetic dental procedures. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, our skilled team have undertaken additional training to be fully qualified in delivering facial aesthetics procedures, including botulinum toxin and dermal fillers.

What Botox can do

botoxUnwanted lines and wrinkles are the plague of many people’s lives as they get older. Our facial muscles are contracting all the time as we smile, frown and laugh, and as we start to age those contractions begin to leave their mark in the form of permanent lines and wrinkles on the face.

Treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox are designed to combat these lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers replace lost hyaluronic acid from the skin, whilst botulinum toxin smooths out lines and wrinkles by forcing the tiny facial muscles to relax.

The Botox treatment available at our Luton clinic is delivered in a precise and controlled manner to target problem areas and produce a completely natural-looking result. Although you may not think of a dentist as the first person to call when you need facial aesthetics treatment, in fact medical professionals such as doctors, dentists or nurses are excellent candidates to provide these therapies because their intimate knowledge of facial anatomy means that the results will appear completely natural and beautiful.

All those who provide Botox at our Luton clinic are fully trained in delivering such treatments, and we have many happy clients who will testify to their results.

Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers can also be the perfect complement to cosmetic dental treatment. If you have invested the time and money in a beautiful smile, what better way to round it off than with a non-invasive, fast-acting facial treatment that will leave you looking and feeling years younger?

To book a Luton Botox consultation, get in touch today.