Why Your Oral Health Matters

Oral health covers both function and aesthetics of the mouth. The interesting part is that the benefits of a great oral health extend to the rest of the body and the quality of life as a whole. Your teeth affect your appearance, your self-perception and your perception of others’ perception of you.

oral healthGiven its holistic impact, investment in your oral health is an investment in your quality of life. So the question is not ‘why invest?’ – But rather, ‘why not’?

Here are two of the most powerful reasons to get started on your road to dental wellness.

Infections have a body-wide effect

Hundreds of species of bacteria live in the human mouth, some potentially causing diseases of the gums and bones supporting the teeth.

The first stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis, which, when left untreated, may advance into periodontitis.

As the disease progresses, infected gums start pulling away from the teeth, pockets or abscess will begin to form. This allows the infection to eat away at the bone and cause the tooth to loosen in its socket.

Though this sounds like a dental problem, studies show gum infection can prompt a body-wide, systematic invasion increasing a patient’s susceptibility to serious conditions. These include diabetes, heart disease, stroke, pneumonia and even premature births for women.

Brits rank smile as the best feature

Many people feel conscious about their smile due to a general negative perception of its appearance. Some refuse to flash one because of specific reasons, such as a lone crooked tooth or yellowing front teeth.

In a British Health Foundation study, 58% of the respondents admit to being unhappy with their smiles, with ‘discoloured’ teeth as the biggest reason and ‘crooked’ teeth coming in second.

The study says a smile is the first thing Brits notice when meeting a new person, with teeth rated as the most important body feature, overtaking face, hair body type and height.

The truth is undeniable: when it comes to making a good first impression, nothing beats a brilliant, glowing smile.

Maintaining the health of your teeth and taking actions to improve them will bear a number of physical, mental and social benefits, including better interpersonal and career opportunities. Investing in your oral health is investing in yourself.

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Patient Testimonials

” From the moment you enter the surgery and are greeted by the friendly, professional, reception staff, you know you are in a comfortable place. ”


” I first used Vogue Dental Care in my mid 50’s after having had only one course of dental treatment since my teenage years. My reason for not visiting a dentist for so long wasn’t because my teeth were fine but simply because I was afraid of going. The practice couldn’t have been more helpful. Obviously Dr Katechia had to tell me the worst, but before the serious treatment started I had 2 visits to get me used to the whole idea of the dentist’s chair again – removing plaque, polishing – that sort of thing. These proved to be very settling and I was able to proceed with a lengthy series of treatments which I couldn’t possibly have handled a few weeks earlier. ”


” I have been a patient of Vogue since 2003, After having some horrendous experiences with dentists in the past, it was a great relief to find a dentist who listened to my requests and advised me with genuine concern for my requirements. ”


” At Vogue, I have has extensive crowns and bridge work done, as well as implants. All these have been very successful. ”


” I can honestly say I have never found a more impressive practice in the area. Their genuine attention to the patient is by far the best I have ever seen in any dental practice. ”


” Your membership plan makes cosmetic dentistry more easily affordable and available to everyone and the new plan for whitening for life is great and so easy to do yourself. ”


” It’s a pity Dr Katechia wasn’t around when I was in my teens. If he had been I would not have gone through odd problems brought about over the years as a consequence of my failure to go for regular checks or treatment because of my hyper nervousness of dentists. ”


” In my wife’s and my own experience Dr Katechia takes a professional and modern approach in the care of his patients, coupling this with consideration and gentleness when carrying out treatment. Visits to the dentist are no longer worrying experiences. “