Straighten your teeth with confidence

Everyone knows that the end goal of braces is to improve the function of the teeth, as well as boost your self-esteem. When you have finished treatment, you can smile with confidence and feel more like yourself in social situations, without having to worry about the appearance of your teeth. In fact, you probably won’t be able to stop flashing everyone your toothy grin.

But what about smiling during treatment? Here at Vogue Dental Care, we believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about the appearance of unsightly metal braces, on top of feeling insecure about your misaligned teeth. That’s why we offer invisible braces in Luton to get your teeth back on track.

What do invisible braces do?

Invisible braces in Luton serve the same purpose as traditional braces, that is, to gently nudge the teeth into their correct position. They can be used to sort out dental problems such as:

  • crossbites
  • overbites
  • underbites
  • gapped teeth
  • Crowding

As well as improving the look of your smile, getting braces will ensure that you maintain good oral health. If left untreated misaligned teeth increase the risk of gum disease and tooth loss, as they are harder to clean than straight teeth. Overbites and underbites can also cause the jaw to ache.

Straight teeth reduce the risk of bits of food getting stuck in nooks and crannies, and ensure that you clean your teeth more effectively. They also allow you to chew and so digest your food more easily.

Types of treatment

If you are considering going for invisible braces in Luton, there are a number of options out there. When you come for your consultation with us we will examine your mouth and find the best solution for you based on your individual needs.

Clear braces

If you are looking to get braces as an adult, Six Month Smiles or Cfast may be the option for you. They subtly straighten the teeth using tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets.

Inman Aligner

This is used to straighten the front teeth using two spring-loaded bows. They produce results in just 6-16 weeks.


Invisalign consists of clear aligners, custom-made to fit your teeth and gently nudge them into position.

Three problems you can avoid when it comes to teeth straightening

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth putting yourself out for, right? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that you have to endure every issue that is usually associated with teeth straightening. Brands like Invisalign in Luton have developed to make realignment treatment accessible for more people because it avoids the normal pitfalls associated with it.

At Vogue Dental Care, we know that the more issues we can help you overcome, the more likely you are to have your teeth straightening treatment when you need it rather than procrastinating and living with a smile you aren’t 100% happy with.

Obtrusive equipment

Perhaps one of the primary concerns for adults who are having their teeth straightened is the problem of the appearance of dental equipment. No one wants to have to endure months of feeling self-conscious about their smile. Fortunately, with Invisalign in Luton, this is no longer an issue. In fact, it will be hard for most people to tell when you are wearing one of the aligners that is used for this method.

Lengthy appointments

Fitting a dental treatment into an already busy life is enough of a challenge. When you need to have multiple appointments to keep things running smoothly, it’s even trickier. With Invisalign in Luton, you need to have regular check-ups like you do with all teeth-straightening treatments. However, these are usually short and only to monitor your progress.

Even your initial fitting appointment is short with Invisalign. This is because this system involves removeable aligners, so they do not need to be fixed to your teeth. Your ‘fitting’ appointment simply involves us giving you your custom-made aligners to take home along with instructions for their use.

Food restrictions

Say goodbye to the idea that a teeth-straightening treatment always restricts your food choices. This only applies in cases where you are actually wearing your equipment while you eat. With Invisalign, you take out your aligner to munch on anything that takes your fancy and then you clean your teeth before popping your equipment back in. this means you can choose sticky foods, crunchy bites and fibrous fruits without any concerns about how you are going to get the remnants out of your braces afterwards.

Moving past barriers to treatment with Vogue Dental Care

When you are thinking of having a long-term treatment like teeth straightening, you want to be sure you are going to have the experience that you want as well as the results. If you feel like you are going to have to endure your treatment, this might stop you going for it. Even if you do decide to go ahead, it’s better to feel relaxed and happy with your choices as it gives a generally positive slant to your treatment.

At Vogue Dental Care, we think that innovation in dentistry can support an enhanced experience for our patients. The way that teeth straightening equipment is designed these days, for example, has been much more focused on speed, comfort and aesthetics than it has been in the past. That’s why you can now get invisible braces in Luton at our practice.

One of the most common psychological obstacles that people encounter when they think about teeth straightening is due to concerns about length of treatment, discomfort or the way that they will look. Working with a brand of invisible braces in Luton, like Six Month Smiles or Cfast, can help to alleviate any worries about these problems.

  • Faster – these methods focus on getting your smile looking great as fast as possible. While you may still experience some clinical benefits, this isn’t the focus of treatment, so you can get to the result you want much faster;
  • Comfortable – there is always some sensation associated with teeth straightening. However, you shouldn’t experience any more discomfort with invisible braces in Luton than with traditional methods. The method applies similar forces;
  • Low-impact – perhaps one of the best things about invisible braces in Luton is the way that they look. To get them to blend in with the teeth, the equipment is either clear or tooth-coloured. The brackets are also smaller than they would have been with old-style braces.

These are just some of the more common barriers to treatment that melt away when you visit Vogue Dental Care. Whatever your concerns are, you can bring them with you to clinic and we will talk through them with you. In our experience, most issues can be solved when we know about them.

The secret to better teeth straightening with Invisalign in Luton

Can you keep a secret? So can the team at Vogue Dental Care. If you want a dental treatment that will straighten your teeth in a way that no one knows about but you and us, that’s possible with Invisalign in Luton.

In fact, we think your will be so impressed by Invisalign in Luton that you will choose to tell quite a few people how well it’s working for you. You’ll probably want to see the surprised look on their face when you tell them you are wearing teeth straightening equipment. The point is that you will be able to choose to tell whoever you want. It won’t be obvious to everyone you meet. That feeling of security about your look during your treatment is invaluable when in comes to having a positive experience.

How can Invisalign be so discreet?

The team at Invisalign has developed a method of teeth straightening that utilises aligners rather than braces. These are made of clear thermoplastic, which is strong but thin. The inside of each aligner is full of pressure points that push against the teeth. It is strong enough to do this while also being light and low profile against the teeth. This means you can clearly see all your teeth through your equipment and it’s hard to distinguish the aligner itself.

The fit of an Invisalign aligner needs to be snug. This works in your favour as well when it comes to discretion because it means that it does not slip or move about when you are talking, laughing or smiling. In fact, you could kiss someone wearing an aligner and they might not know about it unless you tell them.

Just for you

Each set of aligners is tailor-made for the individual who is going to wear them. This helps with the precision fit and allows them to make the right moves to align someone’s smile. As you change each aligner every one to two weeks, you should not experience any discolouration that affects their invisibility. You take your aligner out to consume anything other than water in order to maintain clarity. It is also advised that you do not smoke while wearing Invisalign.

Dreaming of invisible braces? We have some

Do you suffer from crowded teeth that you can’t clean well? Are you embarrassed about your teeth? If so, we may be able to help you with invisible braces in Luton. First things first, invisible braces are not suitable for everyone. For severely misaligned teeth you may need to go down the road of fixed braces to achieve results. For many though, invisible braces are a real, available and effective option.

Let’s talk about Invisalign

Invisalign invisible braces in Luton work like no other brace, in stealth. They generally take 9 – 18 months to do their job. That is, when you keep to your side of the bargain, which is wearing them as much as possible. Many people will never catch on that you are wearing braces at all with Invisalign, a great plus for those who hate the idea of wearing traditional metal braces which are visible at all times.

How does Invisalign move teeth?

Invisalign invisible braces in Luton work in the same way as traditional braces, by putting pressure on your teeth. The difference is how the pressure is applied, and what material is used to apply the pressure. The process happens with a series of invisible plastic aligners worn over your teeth. Pop them on and off whenever you need to for cleaning or eating but remember, you need to wear them for as many hours in the day (and night) as possible, otherwise they simply will not work or will take longer to work. Each of these aligners should be worn for 7-10 days before stowing them away and moving on to the next set in the series. You should never throw your retainers away, just in case you need to go back to them.

Getting the smile of your dreams is possible. If you think you are too old to get braces, let us tell you, you are not. There is no age limit for Invisalign braces. They work for all age groups. Your teeth are naturally designed to move with pressure, at any age. If you are interested in invisible braces in Luton don’t hold back, book an appointment in today to see how we can help you.

Keeping your Invisalign clean and fresh

Teeth straightening is one of the most common long-term dental treatments. There are not many others that take as long. When you have your smile realigned, you are likely to have to wear some form of equipment for at least a few months and up to a couple of years, in some cases. The exact length of time is something that we can talk to you about when you visit Vogue Dental Care for your first consultation.

Most of your straightening process takes place while you are at home. Therefore, you need to ensure that you understand all the care instructions for your tooth realignment method. Many patients, especially adults, choose to work with one of the modern realignment options, like Invisalign in Luton. This method employs clear aligners to straighten the teeth. The fact that they are see-through is one of the major reasons why people choose to wear them. They sit close to the teeth and allow them to be seen so that overall effect is close to invisible.

To keep Invisalign in Luton clear, there are several tasks that you must commit to undertaking regularly. You can get detailed instructions from Vogue Dental care which will include:

  • Removing Invisalign in Luton to eat and drink – the only thing that you can consume while you are wearing clear aligners is water. Anything else is likely to discolour your equipment. Some people find that this makes them more aware of snacking between meals and it can, therefore, lead to a positive change in eating habits;
  • Clean your teeth before reinsertion – you need to get used to brushing your teeth after every meal or snack. If you do not, small pieces of food will be trapped behind your aligner. Not only is this bad for your teeth, it can also affect the clarity of your Invisalign equipment and the freshness of your breath;
  • Cleanse your aligner thoroughly – as it’s hard to get everything completely free from debris, it is best to soak your aligner once or twice a week in a dental solution. As you need to wear each one for more than 22 hours per day, this soaking time must be taken out of your two spare hours.

Discipline and dental treatment – invisible braces in Luton

Getting your teeth straightened is a commitment on several different levels. You need to be willing to undergo dental treatment with Vogue Dental Care for a lengthy amount of time. If you are an adult, you may also need to find the financial resources to pay for your equipment. We can help you understand and tackle any aspect of treatment so that you are happy going ahead.

Once you decide to have your teeth realigned with us, a member of the team at Vogue Dental Care will go through all the aspects of treatment that you will experience at home. When it comes to invisible braces in Luton, this normally requires you to adhere to strict guidelines to experience the full benefits of your treatment. For example, when you get Invisalign aligners, you need to be disciplined enough to do the following:

  • Wear your aligner for most of the day and night – teeth straightening treatments require consistent pressure to be applied to the teeth for them to move. With fixed braces, this happens all the time. With removeable braces, you can decide when you have your aligner in place. This offers a great feeling of freedom but, if you do not wear it for more than 22 hours per day, it will not work within the timeframe of your treatment plan;
  • Change your aligner at regular intervals – depending on the type of treatment that you have, you need to change your aligner every 7-14 days. This ensures that your treatment progresses at the planned rate. Occasionally you may be required to wear one or two for longer, but we can advise you on this during your regular check-ups. Choose a method for tracking your treatment. You can mark it on a calendar, set reminders on your phone or there are even some apps you can download to assist;
  • Visit for check-ups – we schedule appointments with you at roughly six-week intervals. These should be brief and simply allow us to track your treatment and offer you any support that you may need.

Invisible braces in Luton from Vogue Dental Care are an excellent choice for teeth straightening if you can manage your treatment effectively.

Life upgrade

It has been proven that a healthy, straight smile can not only make you feel good on the outside but on the inside too. Eating healthier and brushing your teeth is more effective, but it definitely makes you feel more confident and proud.

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we want our patients’ to feel confident and proud with their smile. We enjoy taking our patients’ on the journey to attain that smile and happiness. We also realise that not all our patients’ want to advertise what they are doing. Luckily for those patient’s we offer a discreet, unobtrusive and comfortable option for getting this done. There’s no point accomplishing confidence but enduring embarrassment in the meantime.

Invisalign in Luton

In Luton, Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular due to its innovative and subtle design. These aligners are placed over your teeth and over the course of the treatment, gently reposition your teeth into the desired resting place.

At your first consultation we will take photos and X-rays of your teeth. These will be input into a computer where we will then be able to show you an image of how your teeth will be repositioned. Meaning before any aligners are made, we will be able to show you your new smile!

A series of aligners will be made, exclusively designed for your mouth and teeth. Each aligner will be required to be worn for at least 7-10 days before moving onto the next aligner. This is so there is a consistent pressure maintained in order to guide your teeth into position. The aligners are removable which makes it easier for eating, completing your dental hygiene routine and for special occasions. These are a few of the reasons Invisalign in Luton is so popular. However, even though they are removable, the aligners will need to be worn for at least 20-22 hours per day for the maximum efficiency.

One more major reason for Invisalign in Luton being so popular is they are pretty much invisible. Unless you are a trained dentist or you know your friend wears them, the chances of them being seen are slim to none. The reason being is they are made of completely clear plastic.

Straighter, healthier smiles

If you want to improve the alignment of your teeth in Luton, invisible braces are a comfortable and discreet solution. At Vogue Dental Care, we have a wealth of experience in providing customised, efficient braces that will straighten your teeth without causing social discomfort. Our contemporary realignment treatments can even enhance your oral health while they improve your aesthetic appeal.

User-friendly experience

Invisible braces in Luton are made of lightweight, transparent plastic. Precisely shaped to fit snugly over your teeth, they minimise disruption to your everyday routine. They don’t need you to have any brackets or wires attached to your teeth, so you can take them out when you need to eat a meal or clean your mouth.

The first step towards invisible braces in Luton is an in-depth conversation at our friendly dental practice. We’ll make sure this method is suitable for your particular needs, and take some detailed images of your teeth.

Then, a dental laboratory will produce for you a series of transparent plastic aligners. You’ll spend around 7-10 days wearing a set of these aligners, before exchanging it for the next one in the series. Because each aligner has a subtly different shape, your teeth will slowly move into better positions as the treatment progresses.

The benefits of invisible braces in Luton

Because you can take the aligners out of your mouth when it’s time to brush your teeth, the aligners help you to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene during your treatment. Their low visibility helps you to avoid the potential embarrassment associated with more traditional methods of tooth realignment.

The overall duration of your treatment could be 12-18 months or longer. It all depends on how much repositioning you want to achieve. When it’s time to remove your invisible braces in Luton, you’ll probably have to wear a retainer at night, to help the teeth get used to their new positions.

So it may take some time to enhance your dental alignment, but you’ll be enjoying the benefits for many years after the treatment is finished. With straighter teeth, you’ll have a more appealing smile, and a reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

How much do you know about Invisalign in Luton?

When you check your smile in the mirror, is there an alignment issue that bugs you? Typically, the teeth have relatively fixed positions throughout our lives so, the chances are, if there is a problem, you have been aware of it for a long spell. You may have decided that now is the right time to do something about it and you want to begin exploring your options. This is something we can help you with at Vogue Dental Care. Our knowledgeable team are standing by to give you all the information you need to say yes to the process of creating your new smile.

When you visit Vogue Dental Care in Luton, Invisalign is one of the teeth straightening options we can discuss with you. If you have not heard of this method then there are a few things about it that may surprise you. Even if you have already come across it, you may not be aware of all the benefits.

These are just some of the qualities that people enjoy while using Invisalign in Luton:

  • See-through equipment – perhaps one of the greatest patient concerns, when it comes to teeth straightening, is that the equipment will compromise the way that they look for a long time during treatment. Invisalign aligners are clear and snug. This means that they sit close to the teeth, do not move when you talk and that you can see the teeth through the aligner. Combine all of these qualities and you get a teeth straightening method that is aesthetically low-impact without sacrificing functionality;
  • Short check-ups – when people have fixed braces, the dentist often has to tighten and adjust them during check-ups. With Invisalign aligners, you work your way through a series at home. You change your aligner for the next in the series every one or two weeks. Each aligner is a slightly different shape to the last and it is this progression that continually adjusts the pressure on your teeth. This means that check-ups with Vogue Dental Care are just that – we check that you are happy, that the treatment is working and that you have all the information you need to continue to care for your teeth during your realignment journey.