Problems with misaligned teeth?

If you have misaligned teeth, there was a time when your only option was traditional fixed metal braces. Although these metal braces are a tried and tested method of correcting crowded or crooked teeth, they do come with a downside. Patients have complained of discomfort and difficulty maintaining the good dental hygiene around the braces.

Modern technological advances have made it possible to straighten your smile more quickly, comfortably, and in a less conspicuous manner using Invisalign at Vogue Dental Care.

A clearly solution

Invisalign uses of a series of clear plastic aligners that shift the position of your teeth over a period of time. This type of treatment is virtually undetectable by the untrained observer. Another great thing about these aligners is that they are removable, so you can keep on top of your normal dental hygiene routine with ease. As these braces have a smooth plastic design, you won’t need to worry about uncomfortable rubbing against your mouth or cheeks.

In Luton, Invisalign is a reliable treatment option, which we are only too happy to tell you all about when you come into to see us. We’ll examine your mouth and teeth to determine whether Invisalign is right for you and then we’ll get your started on the road to straighter teeth.

The benefits of having straighter teeth

With Invisalign in Luton, you can achieve straighter teeth for a more confident smile. However the benefits are not solely cosmetic. Having a straight set of teeth makes cleaning and flossing easier, with fewer gaps or protrusions where plaque can build up.

The build-up of plaque is damaging because it can lead to gum disease. The accumulation of bacteria can also put you at greater risk of developing cavities, which eventually leads to having fillings and sometimes even root canal treatment.

It can therefore save you time and money later if you invest in your dental health today by undergoing teeth straightening treatment. So why not try Invisalign in Luton? After all, people often say that someone’s smile is the first thing they notice when meeting them. With Invisalign you can proudly flash your smile both during and after your treatment.