Straighten your teeth in comfort

You can transform the appearance of your smile without having to wear an obtrusive realignment appliance in Luton. Invisalign is a popular treatment that straightens your teeth using transparent plastic aligners. It can be relatively speedy, as well as more discreet than other methods. At social occasions or business meetings, it can go unnoticed by all but the most inquisitive observers.

Customised and comfortable

The first stage of Invisalign in Luton is a conversation with the team at Vogue Dental Care. You can talk about how you’d like your smile to look when treatment is complete. If Invisalign is the right way to achieve the results you want, then we’ll take some detailed images of your mouth. The dental laboratory will then produce a series of clear plastic aligners, precisely moulded to your measurements.

During treatment, you’ll wear one set of these aligners for around 7-10 days, before moving on to the next set in the series. Because each of the aligners is a slightly different shape, your teeth will be gradually pressured into improved positions. You can easily remove the aligners from your mouth when you need to eat, or when it’s time to brush your teeth.

The overall duration of Invisalign in Luton will vary depending on the complexity of your needs. Typically, it can take 12-18 months to achieve significant results.

Long-term effects

After the aligners come off, you’ll probably have to wear a retainer while you sleep. This will make sure the teeth become stable in their new positions.

Straighter teeth are better for your health as well as your appearance. They do a more effective job of biting into your food and chewing it, so unnecessary strain on your jaw is reduced. They’re easier to keep clean, because there are fewer awkward spaces for bacteria and food particles to hide in. Plus, the improvement in your aesthetic appeal can lead to a boost in your overall confidence.

You’ll be enjoying these positive effects for many years after you’ve undergone Invisalign in Luton. It’s a temporary treatment that produces a lasting improvement in your dental positioning.