Straighter, healthier smiles

If you want to improve the alignment of your teeth in Luton, invisible braces are a comfortable and discreet solution. At Vogue Dental Care, we have a wealth of experience in providing customised, efficient braces that will straighten your teeth without causing social discomfort. Our contemporary realignment treatments can even enhance your oral health while they improve your aesthetic appeal.

User-friendly experience

Invisible braces in Luton are made of lightweight, transparent plastic. Precisely shaped to fit snugly over your teeth, they minimise disruption to your everyday routine. They don’t need you to have any brackets or wires attached to your teeth, so you can take them out when you need to eat a meal or clean your mouth.

The first step towards invisible braces in Luton is an in-depth conversation at our friendly dental practice. We’ll make sure this method is suitable for your particular needs, and take some detailed images of your teeth.

Then, a dental laboratory will produce for you a series of transparent plastic aligners. You’ll spend around 7-10 days wearing a set of these aligners, before exchanging it for the next one in the series. Because each aligner has a subtly different shape, your teeth will slowly move into better positions as the treatment progresses.

The benefits of invisible braces in Luton

Because you can take the aligners out of your mouth when it’s time to brush your teeth, the aligners help you to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene during your treatment. Their low visibility helps you to avoid the potential embarrassment associated with more traditional methods of tooth realignment.

The overall duration of your treatment could be 12-18 months or longer. It all depends on how much repositioning you want to achieve. When it’s time to remove your invisible braces in Luton, you’ll probably have to wear a retainer at night, to help the teeth get used to their new positions.

So it may take some time to enhance your dental alignment, but you’ll be enjoying the benefits for many years after the treatment is finished. With straighter teeth, you’ll have a more appealing smile, and a reduced risk of gum disease and tooth decay.