The advantages of choosing Invisalign in Luton

‘Invisalign’ is often mistaken for the generic appliance name for this particular orthodontic treatment, due to the brand’s impressive popularity, not only nationally, but also on a worldwide scale. Invisalign have not only provided patients with over four million happy smiles worldwide, however they are also often the first subtle appliance that springs to mind when a patient hears the words ‘invisible braces’, but what are the advantages of Invisalign  Luton?

Finding the right modern orthodontic alternative for your smile

At our welcoming, modern, and accommodating dental practice situated within the heart of Luton we take pride in the high standard of dental care we provide to each and every single one of our patients. Many individuals may be suffering from dental imperfections (such as misalignment, general crookedness of the teeth, or even front protrusions), however they may be unsure of which treatment is best for them. If you are an individual who is looking to straighten the appearance of your smile, but are unsure of the right braces for your unique dental case, then why not try Invisalign Luton?

Learning more about Invisalign clear aligners

Clear aligners are deemed as the face of ‘invisible braces’ within the modern field of orthodontic dental care. Despite their invisible plastic aligner trays being the first factor of attraction for many individuals, they also possess more great attributes. Clear aligners are just one of the many modern brace options available at our modern clinic, but how do they compare to the traditional metal alternatives?

Invisalign Luton boast a wealth of advantages for our patients

Traditional metal orthodontics, (also commonly referred to as ‘conventional braces’) embrace a combination of metal brackets and wires in order to slowly apply pressure onto the surface of the teeth. Despite these braces proving effective for many individuals suffering from extreme dental concerns, many patients may lean more towards something more discreet, but how do clear aligners work to produce effective results?

What to expect from the Invisalign clear aligner treatment process

Clear aligners are undoubtedly rising in popularity by answering the demand for discreet dental work, despite this however many individuals may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process when entering the walls of our clinic. At our practice within Luton we all possess the same shared passion for the dentistry we provide to our patients, our orthodontic work is therefore no exception.

Taking the first step towards your dream smile

Much like any dental procedure at our practice, every Invisalign treatment journey will start with an introductory session. During this fully comprehensive initial consultation our professional dental team will ensure our patients are fully comfortable regarding their chosen treatment, whilst attending to any questions, queries, or concerns they may have before starting their dental journey.

So what happens next?

Once our team of welcoming and professional dental specialists have determined that clear aligners are the right option to treat your smile, the treatment journey can begin. At our surgery we choose to embrace the latest advancements within dental technology. This therefore allows our patients to not only avoid the messy unpleasant putty many of them dread, but it also ensures the movements of their teeth can be digitally tracked, whilst providing a three dimensional estimate of the patient’s potential results.