Time for a change

Maybe, after years of trying to ignore your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth that you’ve decided enough is enough and that you’re ready to get them straightened. At this point, some of our patients here at Vogue Dental Care decide that, as they are already self-conscious about their teeth, the last thing they want to do is bring more attention to them by getting noticeable metal braces. However, thanks to invisible braces in Luton, you can now get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted without a mouthful of metal. With invisible braces in Luton, you’ll get the best when it comes to appearance, comfort and efficiency with just one treatment, known as Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a great choice for your invisible braces in Luton. They are a revolutionary dental treatment that completely does away with the traditional wire and bracket system. Rather, they use a series of custom-designed clear plastic aligner trays to gradually straighten the teeth.

You’ll simply need to wear a set of trays for around 20-22 hours a day and after about two weeks of this, you’ll move onto the next set in your sequence. Each set of aligners will bring you closer to that perfectly straight smile.

Invisible braces vs. metal braces

As the name implies, Invisalign invisible braces trays are practically invisible on the teeth, meaning they won’t alter your appearance while you’re wearing them. Basically, the only thing people will see will be the beautiful results.

Invisible braces in Luton are also removable, meaning your aligners slip easily on and off of the teeth, so you can take them out whenever you need to eat or brush. Because of this, it’ll be much easier for you to take care of your teeth than if you had traditional metal braces and you also won’t need to alter your diet.

Because Invisalign invisible braces don’t have to be consistently tightened, you’ll only need to come in for regular checks every six weeks, which is much less frequent than with metal braces. Plus, treatment can typically be completed in just 8-18 months, which is just a fraction of the time needed for traditional fixed metal braces.