Unmask the positive impact of Invisible braces in Luton

Maximise the potential of your smile

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we are proud to be at the forefront of a new era in the world of dentistry and cosmetics. Never before have so many patients from across every age and social demographic expressed such a keen interest in undergoing cosmetic dentistry, or looking into procedures such as Invisible braces in Luton as a way of maximising the true potential of their smiles.

It is our firm belief that our smiles are one of the most valuable assets that each of us possesses, and – if properly maintained and managed – can play a massively positive role in how others see you, and can potentially excel you to previously unreachable heights. However, many of those out there are not completely aware of exactly what invisible braces in Luton are, or how they could potentially get them on track to a straighter set of healthy teeth.

What are Invisible braces?

Invisible braces in Luton which we offer here at Vogue Dental Care is the name given to cosmetic alternative orthodontic treatments. Often referred to as ‘discreet’ or cosmetic orthodontics, the aim of these procedures is to correct minorly misaligned, overlapping or crooked teeth in such a way that the treatment does not impact on the way patients look. Whilst conventional orthodontic methods – such as traditional metal braces – are effective and efficient in correcting misaligned teeth, they often have a detrimental effect on how patients look, as well as impeding the patient’s ability to eat certain foods and being uncomfortable at times.

However, the Invisible braces in Luton which we offer, such as the Invisalign dental retainer system, allows patients to discreetly and comfortably correct teeth which are minorly misaligned in such a way that the treatment is completely undetectable to the untrained eye. Another fundamental difference between the Invisalign system and traditional orthodontic methods, is that the Invisalign retainer system is entirely non-invasive and does not require anything to be directly attached or bonded to a patient’s teeth.

How do invisible braces work?

There are several different types of discreet orthodontic treatments and ‘invisible braces’ which are on offer here at Vogue Dental Care, each of which is specifically modified to meet the needs of every one of our patients. One of the most popular forms of discreet or ‘invisible’ braces is the Invisalign retainer system.

Unlike most forms of orthodontic alignment, the Invisalign method is entirely non-invasive and is made up entirely of a single plastic dental retainer. This retainer is moulded from a digital or physical impression of each patient’s teeth and therefore fits them perfectly. Built within the structure of the wafer-thin, transparent plastic known as SmartTrack, which is used in the creation of Invisalign retainers, there are deliberately placed pressure points within the retainer. These pressure points force the targeted teeth to move into their proper alignment over time. One of the main appeals of the Invisalign process is that – as the retainer is transparent, perfectly tailored, and wafer-thin, when patients wear their retainer they are almost completely undetectable. This allows them to align their smiles and achieve a healthier-looking smile, without attracting any undue attention or scrutiny.