What are invisible braces in Luton?

Invisible braces are a form of orthodontic dentistry which strives to straighten the teeth, without the appearance of obvious dental work. Traditional metal braces may be considered as ‘unsightly’ by many, hence the recent surge in discreet orthodontic options within the field of dentistry. Arguably the most common form of invisible braces in Luton are clear aligners.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a subtle form of orthodontics which work by slowly adjusting the position of the teeth within the mouth. Clear aligners are provided by many brands worldwide, however Invisalign could be argued as the most popular, and the provider we use at our dental clinic in Luton.

How do Invisalign work?

Before treatment commences, our clinic will create digital impressions of your mouth, leading to an estimated treatment time, and the exact number of clear aligner trays required. Once the impressions are taken, the trays can be created by our Invisalign provider.

The next step

During treatment, your trays will be replaced every few weeks, slowly applying pressure on each individual tooth, allowing them to reach the desired dental position. Despite Invisalign’s invisible appearance, and long lasting dental results, many patients may lean towards other forms of subtle orthodontics.

Alternative options

Our clinic within Luton strives to cater for the dental needs of all of our patients, which is why we offer multiple forms of invisible braces in Luton. Aside from offering clear aligners, we also offer a form of subtle brace known as ‘Inman aligners’.

What are Inman aligners?

Inman aligners are a removable brace which can straighten the teeth in as little as six to eighteen weeks! Inman aligners are perfect for patients who wish to remove their braces to fit in with their lifestyle (such as an important work or social occasion).

Did you know?

Inman aligners are not only used as a primary orthodontic treatment, but they can also be used to prepare the teeth for other dental treatments. For example, our dentists may recommend Inman aligners for patients who are set to receive certain cosmetic dental treatments (such as bonding and minimal porcelain veneers).

How do Inman aligners work?

Inman aligners contain one subtle wire which is placed in front of the teeth, the wire ensures the front teeth remain in a positive position, however the opposing coil springs could be argued as the driving force. Inman aligners use nickel titanium springs which power two ‘bows’, these bows gently oppose each other, pushing the teeth into their new position.

How do Inman aligners produce rapid results?//

The two opposing bows act as a gentle force, aside from being gentle however, they cover a wide range of movement, therefore allowing the aligners to produce results rapidly. The inner bow of the aligner pushes the teeth forward, and the outer bow places a backward force on the teeth.

How much do Inman aligners cost?

It is always difficult to determine the exact cost of a patient’s dental treatment, finances may depend heavily on the severity of the orthodontic case, in addition to the number of dental treatments required during the process.