What makes invisalign in Luton the best for teeth straightening?

If you’re thinking about getting your teeth straightened we’re sure you’ve come across invisalign Luton by now. We are very proud at Vogue Dental Care to offer all our patients the opportunity to straighten their teeth through this system. It’s well known globally for being one of the best ways to get your pearly whiten in tip top condition and here’s why.


Unlike other orthodontic systems, invisalign Luton is specifically designed with discretion in mind. The aligners are made from a super strong plastic that is molded to fit over your teeth, so they sit super flush to the teeth. Why is this great? Well it means that when you’re wearing them they are barely noticeable to the naked eye. Unless people are really looking super hard they won’t ever notice you’re wearing them. So you can return to those board meetings with confidence or meet the new boyfriends parents without feeling self-conscious because with invisalign no one will know you’re wearing braces.


For lots of people the reason they avoid having their orthodontic work done as kids was because they were really worried about pain and discomfort during the process and we totally understand that. It can be daunting to think of wearing braces when often the media associates brace wearing with such negative, painful connotations. But with invisalign Luton you won’t need to worry. Now that’s not to say the process will always be 100% discomfort free always but it’s considerably reduced compared to traditional methods. With invisalign there aren’t tense wires pulling and pushing teeth and there’s not metal plates rubbing lips and gums causing sores. The whole process is much more user friendly.


For us this is the most underrated benefit of invisalign over other systems. Obviously being able to remove your braces is fantastic for lots of reasons, not the least because you can eat and drink whatever you want without having to worry about possibly breaking a wire or snapping a plate off the tooth. Being able to remove your aligners also means you can carry on giving your teeth the proper daily deep clean they deserve. The best thing to remove hard to reach bacteria and germs is flossing and what’s the one thing you can’t do with fixed, wired braces? Floss. This is really not good and we often see patients who have this type of brace having issues with their gums after the procedure has been completed. Of course, this is usually totally correctable but wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about it? Yes? We think so too. With invisalign you don’t need to.


With invisalign there’s no faff – you get your new trays in advance of needing them, so you don’t need to come and see us all the time. Plus the process itself is speedy in comparison to other methods on the market, with some patients seeing results in just six months.  

If you think this all sounds too good to be true, come and see us at the practice for a consultation so you can hear all about it from one of the dental team. We look forward to welcoming you back soon.