What should I consider when choosing Invisalign?

At Vogue Dental Care we like to think that perfecting one’s smile has never been more convenient or comfortable since the availability of clear orthodontic devices such as Invisalign Luton. The popularity of these orthodontic alternatives continues to grow as more and more patients become acquainted with the incredible benefits that they offer.

Invisalign Luton challenges patients to rethink how they feel about orthodontic treatments and having to wear an orthodontic device to reposition teeth to secure a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Essential points to think about when considering Invisalign Luton

We find that having all the essential information at hand is one of the best ways to make an informed decision, so we thought to present some of the more important factors that promote Invisalign as the orthodontic solution of note.

Virtually invisible

Most teenage or adult orthodontic patients would agree that the thing they would like changed the most with regard to wearing traditional dental braces, using metal wires and brackets, is how glaringly obvious it is to others that they are having their teeth fixed. This problem becomes null and void on using the Invisalign system as they are made of transparent plastic material.

Comfortable to wear

One of the best ways to avoid the discomfort associated with traditional dental braces is to opt for the removable teeth-correcting aligner tray system. Like any orthodontic system that is required to shift teeth into a desired position, there is to be expected some discomfort – the general consensus of patients using Invisalign report that this initial discomfort is relatively mild and wears off once the patient has become accustomed to the feel of the trays sitting on their teeth. 

Oral hygiene is easier to maintain

There is no inconvenience with dental floss or trying to get the bristles of the toothbrush into awkward areas of the mouth when trying to brush teeth that have traditional braces attached to them. Seeing that the aligner trays are removed before eating or drinking, patients can rely on regular dentist-recommended brushing and flossing.

Dietary considerations

For patients who were once put off straightening their teeth because it would have meant that they would have to give up eating their favourite foods or have their diet restricted to allow for those foods that would not cause damage to their fixed metal braces, can take heart that this sacrifice is circumvented. The aligner trays can be easily removed at meal times so patients can eat foods they prefer without the worry of bracket breaking or wires bending.

Discipline to wear aligner trays as instructed

While there are so many positives to celebrate about the Invisalign orthodontic solution, there is one challenge that patients will have to come to terms with – the minimum time requirement of wearing the aligner trays. It stands to reason that in order for an orthodontic device to perform its function effectively, it has to be worn as instructed by a dental practitioner. With fixed braces this is made easy as they are attached to the teeth and cannot be easily removed except by a dental practitioner. The fact that Invisalign trays are removable requires patients to commit to wearing the trays for the prescribed minimum period (20 to 22 hours a day) and only take them off to eat, drink or clean teeth and gums.

If you need to straighten a less-than-perfect smile, why not consider the orthodontic treatment that has achieved a remarkable track record of successfully transforming patient smiles. For more information on how the clear aligner trays work or to find out if you are a suitable candidate, please contact us at Vogue Dental Care