Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

Here, at Vogue Dental Care, we work with all our patients on an individual basis to find the ideal treatment for getting the best possible smile. Invisalign Luton is a great choice for many, as it offers a range of advantages and provides great results. With this article we explore what the treatment is and explain what type of patient is best suited to having their smile improved in this manner.

What is Invisalign Luton?

Invisalign Luton is a means of straightening teeth that are misaligned. It is an alternative to the more traditional metal braces that most people associate with orthodontic treatment.  Also known as a clear or invisible brace, it is composed of a set of trays of very soft transparent plastic that are placed over the teeth.

These trays are called aligners and serve the purpose of gradually moving the teeth into a better position. The aligners are custom-made for each individual patient and are changed every few weeks to facilitate this movement.

The self-conscious teenager

Many teenagers feel self-conscious about their appearance, and this is even more likely if they have teeth that are crooked or protruding. For these patients, the thought of getting metal braces that are worn on the front of the teeth is something that they are very unsure about. Clear aligners offer the ideal solution. They are completely invisible, which means that the teen can get their teeth straightened without anyone else knowing that they are having treatment.

The adult with a busy career and social life

Many of our patients being treated with clear braces are those who did not have the opportunity to have their teeth straightened in their youth. They have a successful career and enjoy going out to restaurants, bars and parties and may even be looking for love.  These patients do not want to have the whole world knowing that they are wearing braces. Having their smile improved with Invisalign means that that is not a concern. They can get on with their lives as normal, and still expect great results.

The person with a little self-discipline

Invisible braces are a fantastic choice for most people, but they do require an element of self-discipline. They offer the great advantage of being removable, as the aligners are not permanently fixed to the teeth in the same way as more traditional braces. They are taken out for eating, then replaced after brushing teeth.

Though clear braces can and should be removed for meals and for other situations such as playing contact sports or playing a wind instrument, it is very important that the patient wears them most of the time. We recommend that aligners are worn for 22 out of every 24-hour time period.  If this does not happen, then the patient cannot expect the best possible results at the end of treatment.

This will mean eating only at mealtimes, and either avoiding snacking or keeping it to an absolute minimum. The patient should also be disciplined about only consuming water as a beverage while wearing the braces, as other drinks could stain them and mean that they are no longer invisible.