Why choose Invisalign?

Orthodontic solutions can be simple in design, effective, discreet and convenient to fit into modern lifestyles.

At Vogue Dental Care, we have skilled dental practitioners who are well-experienced in Invisalign Luton treatments. Adult patients love the diverse advantages of Invisalign Luton, from its comfort to making teeth easier to clean. With advantages such as these, there is every reason to consider fixing orthodontic issues.

We first take a look at why teeth alignment is so important and what benefits patients can expect from a distinctive orthodontic device.

The necessity of straightening teeth

Repositioning teeth so that they are in their naturally ordained positions opens up a plethora of benefits for the patient. Of utmost concern, for patients are:

Improved digestion – by grinding down food through efficient mastication, more nutrients can be absorbed from the food during both mechanical and chemical digestion. Furthermore, gut health is related to how thoroughly one chews his or her food.

Better oral hygiene maintenance – teeth that are packed in too close together in the dental arch or too widely spaced apart present challenges when cleaning the mouth. These dental conditions together with poor gum health make it harder for floss thread and toothbrush bristles to get in between teeth and awkward corners to remove particles of food left behind.

Clearer speech – teeth are normally noted for the role of grinding down food, but another important function – that of speech – is often forgotten. Patients with crooked teeth or gaps in their teeth will find it hard to pronounce certain words or vowels so straightening their teeth also helps with this speech-related challenge.

Less risk to the structure of teeth – by being out of their natural position, crooked teeth may have an increased risk of chipping, cracking or succumbing to other types of structural damage. Aligning teeth properly can reduce this risk.

Relief from facial pain – patients may be less familiar with how jaw and neck pain are related to misaligned teeth. A key benefit of improving jaw alignment is that this removes the impediments that hinder the jaw joint from moving. This jaw joint pain is a common cause of facial pain.

The benefits of Invisalign

The fact that Invisalign Luton is the treatment of choice is not much of a surprise considering the plentiful benefits on offer.

Simply put, Invisalign is convenient since many of the personal sacrifices like food restrictions are removed. Moreover, removable aligner trays help with oral hygiene maintenance as straighter teeth are far easier to keep clean and healthy.

The protective benefits of aligned teeth guard against structural damage such as chips, cracks and fractures that can spoil the look of your smile. Excessive wear and tear placed on teeth as well as the stress caused by gaps in the dental arch can also result in weakened teeth. Seeing that Invisalign is an ideal option for adult patients, isn’t it about time to have another look at improving the appearance of your smile? Trust in our dental expertise available at Vogue Dental Care to give you a winning smile.