Why choose our dentist in Luton?

At our welcoming dental clinic based within the heart of Luton we understand how difficult it can be to find the right dental practice to accommodate all of your dental needs. With this tough decision in mind therefore, especially for patients who are looking to receive substantial orthodontic, preventive, orthodontic, or even cosmetic dental work, it is important patients find the right practice that works for them. Every member of our specialist dental team all boast a wealth of experience within their dental fields, whilst offering a welcoming, and caring dental approach towards every patient we treat, within the walls of our modern, and fully accommodating dental practice.

What makes our dentist Luton so unique?

Located within Luton we not only present our new, and loyal patients with a wide variety of general dental treatments such as preventive dental care, and teaching them the importance of maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene, however we also provide an extensive array of subtle orthodontic work (such as clear aligners, to name just one common example) and cosmetic dental care too.

The cosmetic dental work on offer at our dentist Luton

Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dental care that primarily focusses on improving the physical appearance of a patient’s smile (this could be via tooth whitening, white fillings, or even porcelain or composite veneers), however in doing so the function of the teeth can also be improved. To expand in greater detail, white fillings are a form of cosmetic dentistry, they look discreet within the mouth which is the main attribute for their popularity, however they also help improve the health and function of the teeth too.

Do you offer orthodontic dentistry at your clinic?

Yes. At our surgery we not only ensure our patients receive the highest quality dental materials and procedures (whilst handpicking a fantastic array of professional dental specialists) however we also provide variety in regards to the treatments on offer at our surgery. In addition to offering popular cosmetic dental treatments (such as tooth whitening, to name just one example) we also provide a wide variety of orthodontic appliances too. Just one example of our subtle orthodontic options are Invisalign clear aligners; but how do these transparent plastic trays work to amend misalignment of the teeth?

What to expect from the Invisalign clear aligner treatment process

Invisalign clear aligners are a popular brand of clear aligner trays which not only operate within the United Kingdom, they have also provided patients with over four million happy smiles on a worldwide scale. Invisalign clear aligners’ popularity is not only caused by their aesthetic (and seemingly invisible) physical appearance, however they also answer the modern demand for subtle orthodontic dentistry within the contemporary field of dental care.

Could our dental approach work for you?..

At our friendly dental clinic we choose to adopt a patient-centred approach with our dentist Luton, but what does this mean for the treatment of our patients? A patient-centred dental approach ensures every individual dental case is treated as entirely unique, therefore ensuring our patients receive the best possible dental results for their smile.