Would you like to find a dentist in Luton?

At our dental surgery located in Luton we take great pride in the standard of dentistry on offer within the walls of our clinic! In addition to embracing the latest advancements within the modern world of dental care (therefore producing good results for our patients’ individual dental cases) we also emphasize the importance of general, routine dentistry!

What makes our dentist in Luton so unique?

In addition to offering an extensive variety of cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, and even facial aesthetic dental treatments, we also place huge emphasis on basic, routine general dentistry! Many patients may hold hectic work and social schedules, which can unfortunately cause the condition of their oral health to slip even further down their priority ladder! Despite this however, visiting our clinic on a bi-annual (and therefore twice yearly) basis, can help to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene for the patient, whilst preventing the onset of more complex dental concerns within the future.

What are the benefits of paying our dentist in Luton a visit?

Many patients’ possess the common misconception that brushing their teeth twice daily within the comfort of their own home is enough to take care of their smile, unfortunately however this is not always the case. Whilst brushing twice daily is essential to maintaining a clean and healthy mouth, there are several standardised procedures administered within the walls of our clinic that can not be completed at home. One example of these procedures is a scale and polish, but what should patients expect during this procedure?

What is a ‘scale and polish’?

A scale and polish is a common dental hygiene treatment often administered within a dental check-up at our surgery. This minor procedure may be recommended to patients’ who are experiencing build up of plaque on the surface of the teeth, embracing the use of both special interdental brushes and pastes to reveal both a clean, and healthier smile. In addition to a scale and polish however, there are several other standardised procedures that our dental healthcare professionals typically follow during a routine check-up.

Maintaining the health of your smile with Vogue Dental Care

Many patients may feel anxious prior to their visit to our clinic, which is why we strive to make those individuals feel as comfortable as possible before their appointment. If you are a patient who is experiencing anxiety at the thought of a visit to our surgery, then you need not fear. Our team of experienced dental healthcare professionals boast a wealth of experience when working with nervous patients, whilst tending to any queries or concerns they may have during their check-up

Keeping on top of your dental hygiene

In addition to tending to any queries or concerns the patient may have during the bi-annual check-up, our dental specialists may also ask several questions with regards to any sensitivity or pain, in addition to changes in diet or medication. A thorough dental examination is typically administered nearing the start of the appointment, this usually comprises assessment of each tooth individually, whilst checking for damage or abrasions to the teeth and gums as a whole.