Vogue Dental Care Fee Guide

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*Private Fees correct as of April 2023

Treatments Cost
Examination – recall £49.50
Examination – new patient £82.50
Cleaning Dentist (anterior teeth) £49.50
Cleaning Dentist (full mouth) £71.50
Cleaning Hygienist (30mins) £69.00
Treatments Cost
Week day Emergency £120.00
Treatments Cost
1 surface £165.00
2 surfaces £195.00
3 surfaces £250.00
Composite Bonding (full) per tooth £399.00
Composite Bonding (edge) per tooth £250.00
Treatments Cost
Small £450.00
Medium £550.00
Large £650.00
Treatments Cost
Simple £150.00
Complex £195.00
Treatments Cost
Bonded metal £550.00
All ceramic £750.00
Post core (fibre post) £250.00
Bridges from £750.00 per tooth
Anterior all ceramic crown £850.00
Treatments Cost
Complete (full upper and lower) £900.00
Full upper or lower £650.00
Metal based (each) £1100.00
Part dentures (each) £700.00
Gum shields £150.00
Treatments Cost
Implants – single tooth
Including crown
Implant consultation £120.00
Surgical/wisdom £195.00
Treatments Cost
Invisalign £3999.00
Bonded Retainer £150.00 per arch
Repair Bonded Retainer £50.00 after 1 year
Removable Retainer £120.00 per arch
Treatments Cost
Veneer £750.00
Treatments Cost
Boutique £425.00
Treatments Cost
Botox – 3 areas £275.00
Botox – 2 areas £250.00
Botox – 1 area £200.00
Filler (per syringe) £275.00
Lip Enhancement £300.00
All fees are correct as at
Band 1
Band 2
Band 3
Band 4 emergency

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Please note all prices subject to change, above prices are as guide only, individual quotes may vary dependant on complexity. Botox® is a registered trademark.

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