A Guide to Good Oral Health During the Cold Season

Keeping good oral health is a year-round responsibility. However, when the leaves turn and the year nears its end, oral health and safety means balancing the requirements of mouth care and the joy of walking around snow covered streets.

oral healthAlthough winter means beautiful landscapes, exciting winter sporting activities and snowball fights; it also means drier air, higher risk of becoming dehydrated and the danger of flu and other diseases. Our team of experts are here to hand out practical tips to good oral health during winter:

Drink Plenty of Water

Winter is a delightful time for sledding, skiing or playing out in the cold. This is exciting and makes for a fun experience, but also leads to higher risks of dehydration. Children are especially prone to dehydration, as they weigh less and aren’t as able to recognise thirst.

When you play sports, take a sip every ten to 15 minutes, even if you aren’t thirsty. Tap water contains fluoride, which makes it a good choice for protecting teeth.

Guard Your Teeth

Winter sports can be strenuous. Injuries during sports make up between 10 and 39 per cent of dental injuries in kids and young adults. Provide protection from physical damage, such as a mouth guard or facemask to reduce risk for dental injury.

You can pick up a mouth guard from the store or have a dentist or specialist fit your child a custom-made mouth guard.

Maintain Good Oral Habits

Keeping with good dental habits in the winter is a must. Brush at least twice daily and floss once a day, not only to keep the teeth clean, but also to help fight the cold or flu virus.

Watch the Hot Cocoa

Hot drinks and treats are popular during the cold season. While these treats may relieve the freezing temperature, it can be bad news for your teeth and mouth, as it contains a lot of sugar, which leads to cavities and decay.

When you have to rehydrate, choose water instead of juices or warm cups of coffee. As for hot chocolate, try a version using real milk and dark chocolate, which contains less sugar than other options.

Protecting your oral health this winter is important, as the weather can turn to extremes. Should you need further guidance and direction for your mouth and teeth, consult with our dental experts today. We are eager to help you maintain good oral health.