Invisalign in Luton – the invisible path to a beautiful smile

Invisalign is often coined as the alternative to metal braces. Indeed, Invisalign is very discreet and can straighten your teeth as well as solve a multitude of oral problems (i.e. crossbites, underbites, overbites), but works very differently from conventional braces. Moreover, unlike metal braces that look unattractive and may cause irritation, Invisalign aligners are very discreet and are customised to fit snugly over your teeth.

At Vogue Dental, we use Invisalign invisible braces in Luton to treat mild to moderate dental problems within 2 years or less. Patients who opt for invisible braces in Luton can smile confidently while wearing their aligners, since they are practically invisible when they are inside their mouth.

Behind the mechanism of Invisalign

Invisalign is not a retainer. This innovative treatment consists of a series of plastic, customised, see-through aligners, which are created by a specialised lab after your dentist sends them impressions of your mouth. These impressions are taken with a special 3D software that allows precision and effectiveness. Each aligner moves your teeth up to a certain point, so the next one in the series has to build upon what the last one did, and so on. That’s why you should follow your dentist’s guidelines and recommended wearing times.

Invisalign aligners fit precisely over your teeth and can be taken out since they are not glued to the teeth like metal braces. Your dentist will recommend wearing them for 20-22 hours every day but you can take them out if you feel like eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. You can have your aligners on while drinking water.

In some cases, invisible braces in Luton could straighten your teeth quicker than standard braces; however, this is not the rule. Treatment time will depend upon many factors such as the type of the misalignment you want to fix and the number of teeth you need to correct.

Exclusive benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners not only work to improve your smile, but are also practical and easy to use. Not only are they designed to be virtually unnoticeable on the teeth, but they can also be removed during various activities for added comfort. Need we say more?

Work your braces around your lifestyle, not the other way around

If you are planning to get your teeth straightened, you might imagine that you will have to put your social life, your work life, your dating life on hold while you suffer from brace face. Brace face is what happens when you wear metal train track braces and everyone stares at you whenever you open your mouth.

You can go about straightening with metal braces if you want to, but if you’d rather have a life and have braces, it’s worth checking out invisible braces in Luton.

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we offer a great range of invisible braces in Luton. There’s bound to be a design that will suit your alignment issues, your budget and your lifestyle.

Fixed invisible braces in Luton

These are a discreet take on traditional bracket and wire braces. You still have brackets on your teeth, but they are way smaller and made of clear ceramic. The teeth are moved by the wire between the brackets, but it’s much finer and it’s also tooth-coloured. Your braces, while not entirely invisible, can’t be seen from a distance and, up close, look more like tooth jewellery than a dental device. These braces use gentle forces that work well on the front 6-8 teeth, which are more easily moved because they only have one root.

Removable invisible braces in Luton

No brackets, no wires. Nothing that resembles braces, in fact. Instead, you have very thin plastic that is moulded to cover your teeth like a second layer of enamel, hugging your gumline so that these clear aligners cannot be seen at all once they are in place. Clear aligners really are invisible braces in Luton. They move your teeth by pressing on them with carefully placed bumps and ridges. The progression of movement is achieved by wearing a series of aligners, each one for 7-10 days. Take them out to eat and to clean your teeth.

Removable single devices

These are great for the front teeth, using spring-loaded bands or wires on a plate that goes over the teeth. Treatment can be completed in as little as 6 weeks.

Interested? Book a consultation and let’s see which device is the one for you.

Freedom for self-consciousness with invisible braces in Luton

Let’s face it, the only people who don’t mind too much about having metal braces on their teeth are kids. Even many teenagers would rather not have to wear clunky braces, let alone adults. Braces equals adolescence, which is not a good look for anyone who needs to present a professional image. Imagine a traffic warden trying to give you a ticket while wearing big metal braces; you’re hardly going to take them seriously are you?

So, if you need to be taken seriously, or just want to look your best, and you want to get your teeth straightened, then it’s time to check out invisible braces in Luton at Vogue Dental Care.

Some braces are more invisible than others. Some really can’t be seen, others are more discreet than invisible. Let’s take a look at the various devices here at Vogue Dental Care:

Inman Aligner

This is a great device for correcting the position of the front teeth. Two spring-loaded aligners go behind and in front of the teeth and use opposing forces to bring the teeth into their correct position. Depending on how your teeth start out, you may be done with treatment after as little as 6 weeks, certainly not more than 18 weeks.

Six Month Smiles

These discreet braces feature a modern twist on traditional brackets and wires. Designed for aligning the front 6-8 teeth, which only have one root rather than 3, they use gentle forces exerted by small clear ceramic brackets and fine wires that are tooth-coloured.

The average treatment time for these braces is only 6 months, hence the name.


No brackets, no wires, just smooth, clear plastic mouth guards that are so thin that once they are on over the teeth they cannot be seen. You wear a series of them, each with incrementally different pressure points inside to press on your teeth.


Newly positioned teeth can wander so it’s important to wear a retainer for some time after treatment is complete. You can choose from one bonded to the back of your teeth, or a removable retainer to wear at night.

Come in for a consultation to find out more about invisible braces in Luton.

Straighten your teeth the discreet way

Transforming your smile has never been more discreet with invisible braces in Luton. There has been incredible innovation in the type and range of braces that are now available that use clear plastic brackets and tooth-coloured wires or even, clean plastic aligners that are fully removable. Straightening teeth no longer needs to be lengthy, uncomfortable and obtrusive; they can be targeted, simple and almost invisible. One of our most popular teeth-straightening options is Invisalign.

Bespoke fit for the perfect reset

Firstly, you’ll need to be assessed by one of the team at Vogue Dental Care. We will look to see if invisalign is the best realignment option for you and the results you’d like to achieve. If it’s not, we will then look at our other options for invisible braces in Luton. Once we’ve agreed on the treatment plan, we will then take detailed images of your mouth. These are then sent to the laboratory and a series of aligners will be 3D printed to fit your teeth precisely.

Each aligner represents a small shift in the position of your teeth. It will take between 7-10 days for this subtle shift to occur, moving your teeth an incremental step towards their final destination. Over a typical period of 12-18 months, your teeth will be moulded into a new position, completing their transition to a new straight smile. The benefits of these clear aligners is choice. You can take them out for special occasions and because they fit so tightly to your teeth, it’s only close up that they will be at all visible.

Care of your aligners

Since they are completely removable you can take them out for eating and twice-daily brushing. It’s important to be fastidious in this routine as small bits of food debris could otherwise be held against your teeth, creating possible hot spots for tooth decay.

Long-term benefits of straighter teeth

Invisible braces in Luton have effectively replaced traditional braces with fast, efficient and unobtrusive teeth-straightening apparatus. It means that during treatment your look will never be compromised. Once your brace journey has ended, your teeth are now in a new position that not only looks good, it actually functions better.

Benefits of invisible braces in Luton revealed

If you’ve been staying away from teeth-straightening treatment because you think that your only option is metal braces, then we have good news – you can now straighten your teeth without the need to wear metal brackets and wires.

And if you wonder whether this is possible, then you should look into invisible braces in Luton. At Vogue Dental Care, we offer a variety of invisible braces in Luton, whether fixed or removable, for discreet teeth straightening. By choosing invisible braces you can continue smiling while undergoing treatment. Isn’t that cool?

Choosing the right type of invisible braces

If you are unsure which type of invisible braces suits your dental needs, then we are happy to help. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly, take x-rays, determine the type of your misalignment and suggest the best treatment possible. However, keep in mind that invisible braces are not for everyone. Sadly, they can’t treat really complex misalignment issues.

Benefits of invisible braces

Here are some benefits of invisible braces in Luton:

  • they are virtually invisible
  • they can correct mild-to-moderate bite issues including overbites, underbites and crossbites
  • removable invisible braces come with no food restrictions
  • removable invisible braces do not disrupt your daily life
  • some types of invisible braces work in less time than regular braces
  • they are customizable
  • they can boost your confidence and restore your self-image.

Overall, invisible braces in Luton have many benefits compared to their metal counterparts.

Determine your eligibility

If you think that invisible braces could complement your oral health and boost your appearance, then you need to book an appointment for a consultation. Invisible braces are ideal for teenagers and adults whose busy lifestyle is not compatible with metal braces. Your dentist will suggest the best treatment possible and guide you through your options.

Improve your oral health

Having straighter teeth is not only about aesthetics; they are also beneficial to your oral health. If you are curious about invisible braces in Luton gives us a call today and we will book a consultation appointment for you. You have nothing to lose by beginning your journey to a straighter smile.

Have a reason to smile with invisible braces in Luton

When people think of braces, they usually think of unattractive metal wires and brackets. But what if you are no longer a teenager and you decide you would like to make some changes to your smile? Luckily, dentistry has advanced considerably, allowing patients of any age to correct their crooked teeth without having to rely on metal braces.

Nowadays, an increasing number of adults seeks teeth straightening treatment. Perhaps you didn’t wear braces as a child. Or maybe you weren’t quite diligent enough with wearing your retainer and your teeth have shifted over the years and you have become more self-conscious of your smile. Our experienced dentists at Vogue Dental Care can help you restore your confidence in your beautiful smile with invisible braces in Luton.

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign consists of a series of clear, removable, custom-made aligners that straighten teeth without the use of metal or wires. Each aligner moves the teeth gradually into their right position.

Your dentist will use specialised software to demonstrate the complete treatment plan from the initial position of your teeth to their final, desired position. You will have to wear each set of aligners for at least one week, before proceeding to the next one.

Generally, Invisalign takes a bit longer than metal braces, but this depends on each individual case. A typical treatment with Invisalign will last about a year from start to finish. Commonly, you will go through 20-24 aligners in total during your treatment, but the treatment time and the number of aligners are customised for each patient.

Are invisible braces in Luton ideal?

Invisalign can address quite a few dental problems. Whether you need minor improvements or more extensive adjustments, you are probably a good candidate for Invisalign. The invisible braces are particularly ideal for treating moderately overcrowded or gapped teeth. Invisalign can also fix overbites, underbites and crossbites. However, Invisalign is not suitable for children, young adults or patients with very complex alignment cases.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is very gentle and not painful at all. And, since the aligners are removable, you can floss and brush your teeth normally. However, you must wear them at least 22 hours per day for effective treatment.

Looking after your new smile

If you are reaching the final days of your treatment with invisible braces in Luton, you will be looking forward to showing off your new smile. However, your braces are only step one of the teeth realignment process.

Step 2 is equally important: you will need to be diligent and committed to this stage of treatment. Whilst wearing your brace, your teeth are guided into a new position, loosening the connective tissue around your roots, so once the brace is removed, your teeth need a gentle hand to hold them in place whilst your jawbone regrows, securing them into position. A retainer achieves this for you, as your dentist at Vogue Dental Care will discuss with you. So, here is an overview and round-up of what retainers do and the types we can offer you.

What are retainers and why will I need one?

Once your invisible braces in Luton is removed, a retainer replaces your brace, holding your teeth in their new position as your jawbone grows and resettles around this new position. Your jawbone will then take over from your retainer and the process of realignment is permanently completed. This whole process can take up to a year and you will need to be patient, diligent and thorough in the wearing, cleaning and maintenance of your retainer.

The retainer itself comes in various styles, these are vacuum-formed, fixed and Hawley.


Fixed retainers are great for anyone who has a very busy life and therefore possibly more at risk of forgetting to replace their retainer. These are fixed to the back of your teeth rendering them as invisible as your invisible braces in Luton. They require careful cleaning to ensure food particles do not clog your retainer, increasing the risk of decay.


This retainer is clear and fits snugly over your teeth, and are discreet in appearance. You do not need to wear them for eating and drinking.

Hawley retainers

These consist of a plastic section that fits to the back of the teeth and a thin wire that then goes across the front, holding your teeth in place. It is fully removable but can be difficult to speak with initially.

Invisible braces in Luton for less stressful teeth straightening

One of the big stresses when getting your teeth straightened is having to go into new situations with braces on your teeth. Meeting new people is hard enough for most of us, even when we think we are looking fantastic, let alone when we have teeth straightening devices in our mouths. We may be adults on the outside, but inside each of us is a gawky adolescent scared of being stared at and called brace face.

That’s why over the past couple of decades researchers have been on the case finding great solutions that allow people to straighten their teeth with minimum fuss. There is a now a good range of devices that we class as invisible braces. In Luton, here at Vogue Dental Care, we stock a good selection of invisible braces, so there should be one to suit your misalignment issues, your lifestyle needs and your budget. Let’s take a look at a few of them now:

Six Month Smiles

These look like the traditional braces we are familiar with. There are brackets and wires. The difference is that the brackets are made of clear ceramic and the wires are tooth-coloured. Once in place, these braces blend in with the teeth rather than obscuring them with metal. Designed for mild to moderate issues with the front 6-8 teeth, Six Month Smiles take 4-9 months to do their work.

Inman Aligner

A removable device that works on wonky front teeth by sandwiching them between 2 aligners bows that go in front of and behind the teeth. Treatment takes 6-8 weeks.


Transparent mouth guard-style aligners that have in-built pressure points that push the teeth into alignment. Progress is achieved by changing to a new aligner in a series every 7-10 days. The average treatment time for Invisalign is 12 months.


You will have to wear a retainer for some time after your treatment is complete to hold your teeth straight while the bone hardens around them.

Find out more

Come in and have a consultation to find out which invisible braces in Luton are the ones for you. Make this your year of straighter teeth.

Facts you probably didn’t know about invisible braces in Luton

One of our most popular kinds of invisible braces is Invisalign. This treatment consists of a series of custom-made, aligning trays that gradually move your teeth to their correct position over a designated period of time. You change the trays every 7-10 days to progress the treatment.

Invisalign aligners are especially suitable for adults who wish to transform their smile without the discomfort and disturbance of metal braces. At Vogue Dental Care we offer different packages for Invisalign invisible braces in Luton, to fit your age, individual needs and specific oral problem.

Straighten your teeth discreetly

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign relies on a clear aligner that gradually moves the teeth without being as bulky or obvious as metallic wires and brackets. Technically, Invisalign aligners are not entirely invisible, but they are the closest you can get to that.

Invisalign is customised

Every set of Invisalign aligners is different because different patients have different needs. Using 3D technology and modelling techniques, your dentist and the Invisalign laboratory will create a series of unique mouthpieces to help move your teeth smoothly and effectively to their desired positions.

Added comfort

Unlike metal braces, which are fixed to your teeth, Invisalign aligners are removable and can be taken out to eat, brush your teeth or take a picture. However, Invisalign treatment requires commitment since the aligners have to be worn at least 20 hours per day in order to be effective.

Invisalign is not for everyone

Generally, patients with mild dental problems make good Invisalign candidates, but for more complex problems, it may not be the appropriate solution. The only way to determine whether Invisalign treatment right for you, is to book an assessment with us.

Invisalign is safe for teenagers

Invisalign cannot be used by children because they have not developed their adult t teeth, nonetheless, it is safe for teenagers through Invisalign Teen, a slightly modified but equally effective version of Invisalign invisible braces in Luton.

Invisalign is not painful

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign is less painful because it exerts less pressure on your teeth. Although minor pain and sensitivity may occur even with Invisalign, it soon wears off.

Your teeth will look so much better with invisible braces in Luton

If you have a sneaking suspicion that everyone can see that your teeth aren’t straight, you are probably right. You may be very self-conscious about your teeth and there’s a good reason for that. People are hardwired to look at each other’s smiles. So, when you smile, people really are looking at your teeth and making judgments about them.

It may seem mean and shallow of them, but evolution made us all focus on smiles. You see, back in the times when we didn’t speak so well, smiles were a way to convey important messages of intention. A big, wide, crinkly-eyed smile conveyed a message of friendliness and warmth. A sneery, teeth-baring grimace meant you were in serious trouble with an enemy.

Also, you could tell a lot by someone’s teeth. If they were white and gleaming it meant their owner was healthy. Rotting, dull, stumpy teeth meant you were near someone who wasn’t very well and you would do well to steer clear of them in case you picked up a life-threatening infection.

The fact that we still do this is why people are noticing your wonky teeth, and also why you don’t much fancy wearing braces. But you can get straighter teeth minus the embarrassment when you get invisible braces in Luton from us at Vogue Dental Care.

In Luton, invisible braces come in various styles, some more invisible than others, but all discreet and nothing like the great, chucky metal braces your parents had to wear in the 1970s and 80s.

Fixed invisible braces in Luton

These are a discreet version of the traditional metal braces. They have brackets but they are smaller and made of clear ceramic. There is one wire, and this is finer and covered in tooth-coloured material. These braces take 4-9 months to move wonky teeth, and deal only with those with one root, at the front of your mouth.

Removable invisible braces in Luton

Clear aligners from Invisalign take 12-24 months to realign mild to moderate problems. The Inman Aligner works on the front teeth only and can straighten them in only 6-18 weeks.

To find out more, come in for a consultation.