What is the difference between general and cosmetic dentistry?

General dentistry and cosmetic dentistry overlap in many ways, and often the work accomplished in general dentistry in improving dental health has, as its by-product, coincidentally improved the look of teeth. For example, with a crown, the crown is made from porcelain, so that it will blend with the rest of the teeth and give you an aesthetically pleasing finish.

However, there are many options available under cosmetic dentistry that are separate to general dentistry. Dentistry is all about improving the quality of life, which in many cases means approaching the look of the teeth too, and how your smile complements the rest of your face. Many studies show that a great smile can have fantastic benefits for charisma, and general approachability, which if you are in a client or customer facing environment, can have some hugely beneficial effects.

Invisible braces

If you are looking for invisible braces in Luton, then Vogue Dental Care has some fantastic options. Braces are necessary for when the teeth have become crooked and need to be realigned into a more effective position. Crooked teeth can be one of the main concerns about the look of your teeth and can be easily fixed with braces. However, many adults can be reluctant to get braces as they fear the look of the metal tracks on their teeth, due to many of the stigmas and associations with fixed braces. This is where invisible braces come in, and if you are looking for invisible braces in Luton, then we will be able to supply you with many options.


Invisalign is probably the most well-known form of invisible brace and works by using a series of plastic moulds to realign the teeth. An initial scan is taken, and from that your dentist will be able to create a projection of what your teeth will look like post treatment. A series of braces are then produced that are replaced every two weeks, that more closely resemble the final projection each time.

Invisalign has some fantastic benefits that make them an extremely desirable treatment. The main selling point for Invisalign is that while the braces are in, they are extremely difficult to see, and therefore most people will not be able to tell that you are undergoing treatment. The closeness to the enamel also means that they will not damage the gums, much like fixed braces can do when they are first installed.

Clear braces

For some people, Invisalign may not be available. This may be due to cost, but also if teeth are severely crooked, then Invisalign will not be enough to correct the teeth. However, if you are still concerned with the look of braces, then there are clear braces available, which work exactly the same way to fixed braces, however, will be more difficult to spot on the teeth. They will not be as discreet as Invisalign, however if you are speaking or moving around, people will not be able to notice the treatment. If you are looking for invisible braces in Luton, and need some advice, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on your best course of action.

Why Your Dentist in Luton Recommends Invisible Braces for Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth that ruin a perfectly good smile is a fairly common problem and there are a couple of options at your disposal to help solve this. One method you may find we recommend at Vogue Dental Care are corrective transparent braces as these are proving to be quite popular with patients looking to straighten up their smile.

What are they?

If you have never heard of this treatment, it’s essentially a clear plastic brace that we fit to your mouth and over time this corrective brace will slowly straighten your crooked teeth.

Each brace is also created to custom fit only your mouth. We manage this by using a series of scans with LEDs or lasers to map out the topography of your teeth. Then using this image, we mould the braces that you will be wearing. A neat benefit of using this treatment is that you will get to see how your corrected smile will look at the end of the treatment before you begin the procedure.

The treatment is fast and simple

The procedure for being fitted with invisible braces in Luton is relatively quick and easy. As we mentioned it just involves lights scanning your teeth, so there’s no residual dental plaster to worry about cleaning off your teeth. Plus, treatments are quick, and you will usually be out in a fairly short time, so you don’t have to commit to an entire afternoon in our practice.

They’re transparent

One of the reasons why this treatment has become so popular with our patients, aside from how non invasive treatments are, is the fact that the invisible braces in Luton are almost completely see-through. Having this transparency means that you won’t have to feel self-conscious about wearing orthodontic apparatus whilst out in public.

And considering that you will normally have to wear these for up to 12 months to permanently reposition your teeth, the fact they are practically invisible can be handy.

Easy to clean

When it comes to maintaining your brace, you will also find a relatively easy job ahead of you. To keep it sparkling and shiny we recommend you mix a small amount of aligner cleaning solution with water, then give this mixture a light scrubbing all along the brace. This will help clean off any built up bacteria and reduce staining.

Advice for wearing braces

After you are fitted for invisible braces in Luton there will be some mild discomfort wearing them as your teeth are being realigned with gentle force. We recommend you combat this with over the counter painkillers, you can also remove the brace briefly, but otherwise keep it in place for at least 22 hours a day. Taking the mouthpiece out too much could potentially hinder the whole realignment progress.

These are just a few of the benefits to trying out these braces. If you’re interested in fixing up a few of your crooked teeth without invasive treatments, then ask your dentist on your next appointment at the practice.

What are my options regarding invisible braces in Luton?

You do not need to live with a smile that doesn’t allow you to put your most confident foot forward. A lot of people believe that unless they were prescribed teeth straightening devices as a young adult, they do not have the chance to perfect a slightly misaligned smile.

The fact of the matter is that over the past few decades, teeth straightening technology and design has leapt forward in bounds and the options that are available to people today are truly astounding.

Depending on your individual situation, you can have straight teeth in a matter of weeks. By discussing your options with us regarding invisible braces in Luton, you can be doing something not only for your confidence, but for your health as well.

What are some of the options that are available?

A single option or a combination of some of the following options and traditional braces can be used to create the smile of your dreams. A dentist will take several scans and look at the position of the teeth and jaw to gain an understanding of what the best option would be for you.

We make sure that we provide you with several options so that you can feel empowered by making the right decision for yourself and your lifestyle. We would provide you with a professional recommendation and offer advantages and disadvantages to all options available to you.

Six Month Smiles are clear adult braces that give you the confidence to continue on with your regular lifestyle during treatment, whilst providing effective and fast results. As the name suggests, results can be seen in as little as 6 months, generally half the time of other popular methods that are available.

Invisalign are a very popular option for teeagers and adults alike and have gained a great reputation from the millions of happy patients that they have served worldwide. By using clear and near invisible mouthguards that are changed every couple of weeks, you can straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing that they are there. The great thing about these invisible braces is that they are removable, meaning that there is no need to follow strict eating restrictions or a specific cleaning routine.

The Inman Aligner is a simple metal thin wire across the front teeth which although couldn’t be regarded as invisible, are much less conspicuous than traditional braces. With some results being achieved in as little as 6 weeks, many patients who are suitable for this treatment opt for it due to its incredible effectiveness and speed.

We are passionate about providing our patients with the results that they are seeking and urge you to come to us regarding any questions that you may have about straightening your teeth.

It is a means to improve not only your confidence but your oral health as well, since straightened teeth are easier to clean and maintain. We would only be too honoured to join you on your journey in giving your smile a chance to shine.

How do invisible braces in Luton work?

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we aim to be as transparent as possible about all aspects of the treatments we offer. If you’re considering invisible braces in Luton, it makes sense to know exactly what they involve and how they work. This will mean that you have realistic expectations of how they work and the results that can be achieved at the end of treatment.

Invisible braces are also known as lingual braces, and they are similar to the traditional metal ones that most people are familiar with. The difference between them and the traditional braces is that they are placed behind the teeth. They are still made in the same way, and look like the usual braces, with the added advantage that they are not visible to others.

Because of their similarity to the usual metal braces, invisible braces are extremely effective. They can be used to treat a wide variety of orthodontic issues and usually offer great results at the end of treatment.


Just like traditional fixed braces, invisible ones feature brackets. These are also made of metal such as stainless steel or gold alloy and are quite small in size. Some types of lingual braces come with standard sized brackets that can be used for all patients and others feature brackets that are customised to fit a particular patient’s teeth exactly.

They are affixed to your teeth for the duration of your treatment and can be applied to all your teeth or just the front ones, depending on the complexity of your case. If it’s only your front teeth that are misaligned, you may only need brackets on six to eight teeth. We can discuss all this with you and answer any questions you might have about what is required.

We make sure the brackets are securely fitted to your teeth by using a special dental cement. This cement keeps them fixed in place for the period of treatment, whilst still being easily removable by the dentist when all the work has been done.

Arch wires

The brackets and teeth are moved into position by arch wires. These are pieces of thin metal which are attached to the brackets using either elastic bands or metal fastenings. Some types of lingual braces feature clips that hold the arch wire in place, these clips are called self-ligating brackets.

The arch wire corrects misaligned teeth by returning to its arch shape over time, pulling the teeth back as it does so. The wire is swapped for a new one around every six to eight weeks, until the desired result has been achieved.

The right choice for you?

Invisible braces in Luton are a very effective means of correcting lots of different orthodontic issues including: crowding, protruding or crooked teeth, and problems with bite. Unlike aligners such as Invisalign, these kinds of braces can be manipulated by the dentist in a very precise manner. This means that some patients find that the results from lingual braces are well worth investing in.

Invisalign in Luton – the invisible path to a beautiful smile

Invisalign is often coined as the alternative to metal braces. Indeed, Invisalign is very discreet and can straighten your teeth as well as solve a multitude of oral problems (i.e. crossbites, underbites, overbites), but works very differently from conventional braces. Moreover, unlike metal braces that look unattractive and may cause irritation, Invisalign aligners are very discreet and are customised to fit snugly over your teeth.

At Vogue Dental, we use Invisalign invisible braces in Luton to treat mild to moderate dental problems within 2 years or less. Patients who opt for invisible braces in Luton can smile confidently while wearing their aligners, since they are practically invisible when they are inside their mouth.

Behind the mechanism of Invisalign

Invisalign is not a retainer. This innovative treatment consists of a series of plastic, customised, see-through aligners, which are created by a specialised lab after your dentist sends them impressions of your mouth. These impressions are taken with a special 3D software that allows precision and effectiveness. Each aligner moves your teeth up to a certain point, so the next one in the series has to build upon what the last one did, and so on. That’s why you should follow your dentist’s guidelines and recommended wearing times.

Invisalign aligners fit precisely over your teeth and can be taken out since they are not glued to the teeth like metal braces. Your dentist will recommend wearing them for 20-22 hours every day but you can take them out if you feel like eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. You can have your aligners on while drinking water.

In some cases, invisible braces in Luton could straighten your teeth quicker than standard braces; however, this is not the rule. Treatment time will depend upon many factors such as the type of the misalignment you want to fix and the number of teeth you need to correct.

Exclusive benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners not only work to improve your smile, but are also practical and easy to use. Not only are they designed to be virtually unnoticeable on the teeth, but they can also be removed during various activities for added comfort. Need we say more?

Work your braces around your lifestyle, not the other way around

If you are planning to get your teeth straightened, you might imagine that you will have to put your social life, your work life, your dating life on hold while you suffer from brace face. Brace face is what happens when you wear metal train track braces and everyone stares at you whenever you open your mouth.

You can go about straightening with metal braces if you want to, but if you’d rather have a life and have braces, it’s worth checking out invisible braces in Luton.

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we offer a great range of invisible braces in Luton. There’s bound to be a design that will suit your alignment issues, your budget and your lifestyle.

Fixed invisible braces in Luton

These are a discreet take on traditional bracket and wire braces. You still have brackets on your teeth, but they are way smaller and made of clear ceramic. The teeth are moved by the wire between the brackets, but it’s much finer and it’s also tooth-coloured. Your braces, while not entirely invisible, can’t be seen from a distance and, up close, look more like tooth jewellery than a dental device. These braces use gentle forces that work well on the front 6-8 teeth, which are more easily moved because they only have one root.

Removable invisible braces in Luton

No brackets, no wires. Nothing that resembles braces, in fact. Instead, you have very thin plastic that is moulded to cover your teeth like a second layer of enamel, hugging your gumline so that these clear aligners cannot be seen at all once they are in place. Clear aligners really are invisible braces in Luton. They move your teeth by pressing on them with carefully placed bumps and ridges. The progression of movement is achieved by wearing a series of aligners, each one for 7-10 days. Take them out to eat and to clean your teeth.

Removable single devices

These are great for the front teeth, using spring-loaded bands or wires on a plate that goes over the teeth. Treatment can be completed in as little as 6 weeks.

Interested? Book a consultation and let’s see which device is the one for you.

Freedom for self-consciousness with invisible braces in Luton

Let’s face it, the only people who don’t mind too much about having metal braces on their teeth are kids. Even many teenagers would rather not have to wear clunky braces, let alone adults. Braces equals adolescence, which is not a good look for anyone who needs to present a professional image. Imagine a traffic warden trying to give you a ticket while wearing big metal braces; you’re hardly going to take them seriously are you?

So, if you need to be taken seriously, or just want to look your best, and you want to get your teeth straightened, then it’s time to check out invisible braces in Luton at Vogue Dental Care.

Some braces are more invisible than others. Some really can’t be seen, others are more discreet than invisible. Let’s take a look at the various devices here at Vogue Dental Care:

Inman Aligner

This is a great device for correcting the position of the front teeth. Two spring-loaded aligners go behind and in front of the teeth and use opposing forces to bring the teeth into their correct position. Depending on how your teeth start out, you may be done with treatment after as little as 6 weeks, certainly not more than 18 weeks.

Six Month Smiles

These discreet braces feature a modern twist on traditional brackets and wires. Designed for aligning the front 6-8 teeth, which only have one root rather than 3, they use gentle forces exerted by small clear ceramic brackets and fine wires that are tooth-coloured.

The average treatment time for these braces is only 6 months, hence the name.


No brackets, no wires, just smooth, clear plastic mouth guards that are so thin that once they are on over the teeth they cannot be seen. You wear a series of them, each with incrementally different pressure points inside to press on your teeth.


Newly positioned teeth can wander so it’s important to wear a retainer for some time after treatment is complete. You can choose from one bonded to the back of your teeth, or a removable retainer to wear at night.

Come in for a consultation to find out more about invisible braces in Luton.

Straighten your teeth the discreet way

Transforming your smile has never been more discreet with invisible braces in Luton. There has been incredible innovation in the type and range of braces that are now available that use clear plastic brackets and tooth-coloured wires or even, clean plastic aligners that are fully removable. Straightening teeth no longer needs to be lengthy, uncomfortable and obtrusive; they can be targeted, simple and almost invisible. One of our most popular teeth-straightening options is Invisalign.

Bespoke fit for the perfect reset

Firstly, you’ll need to be assessed by one of the team at Vogue Dental Care. We will look to see if invisalign is the best realignment option for you and the results you’d like to achieve. If it’s not, we will then look at our other options for invisible braces in Luton. Once we’ve agreed on the treatment plan, we will then take detailed images of your mouth. These are then sent to the laboratory and a series of aligners will be 3D printed to fit your teeth precisely.

Each aligner represents a small shift in the position of your teeth. It will take between 7-10 days for this subtle shift to occur, moving your teeth an incremental step towards their final destination. Over a typical period of 12-18 months, your teeth will be moulded into a new position, completing their transition to a new straight smile. The benefits of these clear aligners is choice. You can take them out for special occasions and because they fit so tightly to your teeth, it’s only close up that they will be at all visible.

Care of your aligners

Since they are completely removable you can take them out for eating and twice-daily brushing. It’s important to be fastidious in this routine as small bits of food debris could otherwise be held against your teeth, creating possible hot spots for tooth decay.

Long-term benefits of straighter teeth

Invisible braces in Luton have effectively replaced traditional braces with fast, efficient and unobtrusive teeth-straightening apparatus. It means that during treatment your look will never be compromised. Once your brace journey has ended, your teeth are now in a new position that not only looks good, it actually functions better.

Benefits of invisible braces in Luton revealed

If you’ve been staying away from teeth-straightening treatment because you think that your only option is metal braces, then we have good news – you can now straighten your teeth without the need to wear metal brackets and wires.

And if you wonder whether this is possible, then you should look into invisible braces in Luton. At Vogue Dental Care, we offer a variety of invisible braces in Luton, whether fixed or removable, for discreet teeth straightening. By choosing invisible braces you can continue smiling while undergoing treatment. Isn’t that cool?

Choosing the right type of invisible braces

If you are unsure which type of invisible braces suits your dental needs, then we are happy to help. Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly, take x-rays, determine the type of your misalignment and suggest the best treatment possible. However, keep in mind that invisible braces are not for everyone. Sadly, they can’t treat really complex misalignment issues.

Benefits of invisible braces

Here are some benefits of invisible braces in Luton:

  • they are virtually invisible
  • they can correct mild-to-moderate bite issues including overbites, underbites and crossbites
  • removable invisible braces come with no food restrictions
  • removable invisible braces do not disrupt your daily life
  • some types of invisible braces work in less time than regular braces
  • they are customizable
  • they can boost your confidence and restore your self-image.

Overall, invisible braces in Luton have many benefits compared to their metal counterparts.

Determine your eligibility

If you think that invisible braces could complement your oral health and boost your appearance, then you need to book an appointment for a consultation. Invisible braces are ideal for teenagers and adults whose busy lifestyle is not compatible with metal braces. Your dentist will suggest the best treatment possible and guide you through your options.

Improve your oral health

Having straighter teeth is not only about aesthetics; they are also beneficial to your oral health. If you are curious about invisible braces in Luton gives us a call today and we will book a consultation appointment for you. You have nothing to lose by beginning your journey to a straighter smile.

Have a reason to smile with invisible braces in Luton

When people think of braces, they usually think of unattractive metal wires and brackets. But what if you are no longer a teenager and you decide you would like to make some changes to your smile? Luckily, dentistry has advanced considerably, allowing patients of any age to correct their crooked teeth without having to rely on metal braces.

Nowadays, an increasing number of adults seeks teeth straightening treatment. Perhaps you didn’t wear braces as a child. Or maybe you weren’t quite diligent enough with wearing your retainer and your teeth have shifted over the years and you have become more self-conscious of your smile. Our experienced dentists at Vogue Dental Care can help you restore your confidence in your beautiful smile with invisible braces in Luton.

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign consists of a series of clear, removable, custom-made aligners that straighten teeth without the use of metal or wires. Each aligner moves the teeth gradually into their right position.

Your dentist will use specialised software to demonstrate the complete treatment plan from the initial position of your teeth to their final, desired position. You will have to wear each set of aligners for at least one week, before proceeding to the next one.

Generally, Invisalign takes a bit longer than metal braces, but this depends on each individual case. A typical treatment with Invisalign will last about a year from start to finish. Commonly, you will go through 20-24 aligners in total during your treatment, but the treatment time and the number of aligners are customised for each patient.

Are invisible braces in Luton ideal?

Invisalign can address quite a few dental problems. Whether you need minor improvements or more extensive adjustments, you are probably a good candidate for Invisalign. The invisible braces are particularly ideal for treating moderately overcrowded or gapped teeth. Invisalign can also fix overbites, underbites and crossbites. However, Invisalign is not suitable for children, young adults or patients with very complex alignment cases.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is very gentle and not painful at all. And, since the aligners are removable, you can floss and brush your teeth normally. However, you must wear them at least 22 hours per day for effective treatment.