Combining treatments in cosmetic dentistry to get the smile of your dreams

Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly growing area. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, our experienced team of cosmetic dentists offer a wide selection of treatments designed to give patients the smile of their dreams. While in some cases one treatment will be all that is required, in many cases combining two or more treatment options is the perfect way to boost your smile.

cosmetic-dentistryWhen you look great, you feel great. Cosmetic dentistry is designed to give you confidence in your smile, and with it raise your self-esteem. This can have a massively positive impact on both your personal and professional life.

At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, our experienced cosmetic dentistry practitioners know that to look beautiful a smile has to look natural. We use the latest techniques and materials to create realistic restorations and to improve the appearance of a smile without it looking over-done or fake.

Here are some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures at our Luton practice:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry. It involves the use of special dental bleaching gel to gently and safely remove the everyday stains that can build up on our teeth thanks to tea, coffee and habits such as smoking.

As well as being an excellent standalone treatment, boosting your smile quickly, teeth whitening is the ideal way to complement other cosmetic procedures such as teeth straightening.


Veneers are another popular treatment at our Luton practice. These thin shells of porcelain are placed over the front surfaces of the front teeth to improve their appearance. They are held in place with strong dental adhesive and look very natural and beautiful.

Cosmetic orthodontics

Straighter teeth are healthier and more attractive. Cosmetic orthodontics involves the use of discreet braces or aligners to quickly improve the alignment of your teeth.