Cosmetic dentistry explored: subtle ways to straighten your teeth

Thanks to major advances in cosmetic dentistry in recent years, there are now a number of discreet ways for your dentist to straighten your teeth. At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, our skilled cosmetic team understand that – particularly for adult patients – the thought of wearing traditional metal braces for 24 months or more can be enough to put you off orthodontic treatment. However, we also believe that you deserve the beautiful, straight smile you’ve always wanted.

cosmetic-dentistry-vogueMany adults are put off by the word “orthodontics”, picturing the metal train-track braces worn by their peers at school. While these remain popular with teenagers and are one of the best ways to straighten teeth, they are not compatible with an adult’s busy social and professional life. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry offers some far subtler options.

Discreet braces in Luton

At our Luton dental practice, our cosmetic dentistry team offer teeth-straightening treatment with braces or aligners. The best option for your needs will be discussed at your initial consultation, following a detailed examination by your dentist.

Here are some of the discreet orthodontic treatments available from the cosmetic dentistry team at Vogue in Luton:

Six Month Smiles

These tooth-coloured cosmetic braces have an average treatment time of just six months, and focus on the front teeth – those on show when you smile. They are more comfortable than traditional braces.

Inman Aligner

A fast and effective way to correct problems with the front teeth, the Inman Aligner is both clear and removable. Less conspicuous than braces, the Inman Aligner can work in as little as six weeks.


This series of clear aligners fit over your teeth and gently guide them into a new position. Your dentist will let you know how many aligners you will need at your initial consultation. You need to change your aligner every fortnight.