Cosmetic dentistry explored: teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry offers a plethora of treatments designed to create your dream smile, but the most frequently requested procedure is teeth whitening. Vogue Dental Care in Luton offers several options for teeth whitening treatment.

cosmetic-dentistry-lutonYour teeth whitening journey begins with a cosmetic dentistry consultation here at our Luton practice. As well as ascertaining the nature of your tooth discolouration, your dentist will also perform a complete oral health check, because all cosmetic dentistry should only be performed in a healthy mouth.

Common stains such as those caused by red wine, coffee, or cigarettes can be effectively treated with teeth whitening. However, it doesn’t work on permanent stains, nor on restorations such as crowns, bridges, or white fillings. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers a number of other solutions in such scenarios. Your Luton dentist will discuss them with you if teeth whitening isn’t deemed appropriate.

The most important thing to remember about teeth whitening is that it has to be prescribed by a qualified dentist. A hygienist or a hygiene therapist who has undergone appropriate training can provide the physical procedure, but only on a dentist’s prescription.

Think about it for a minute; you wouldn’t go to anyone other than a dentist for any other form of cosmetic dentistry, and teeth whitening should be thought of in the same way. Beauty salons offering the treatment do so illegally, and can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums because unlicensed providers aren’t dentally qualified, and any mouth trays used won’t be customised to fit your teeth.

At our Luton clinic, all mouth trays are custom designed to fit your teeth precisely, meaning that the whitening gel will only touch your teeth. This is important to ensuring safe and gentle treatment.

Luton teeth whitening options

There are three options for teeth whitening at our Luton clinic. They can be used as standalone smile boosters or as a complement to other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

1) Nitewhite – This option is carried out at home using custom-made whitening trays, and takes two weeks.

2) Zoom – A single hour-long session with your dentist here in the clinic.

3) Enlighten – A combination of both of the above methods.