Cosmetic dentistry: your ticket to a perfect smile

Cosmetic dentistry has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. At Luton’s Vogue Dental Care, our skilled team of cosmetic dentists are thrilled to be able to help more people than ever before to achieve the smile of their dreams.

cosmetic dentistrySome 50 per cent of the UK population are unhappy with some aspect of how their smile looks. Whilst cosmetic dentistry was once the exclusive territory of the rich and famous, huge advances in dental techniques and materials mean that is now open to more people than ever before.

Cosmetic dentistry can be seen as a lifestyle choice, and at our Luton clinic we firmly believe that an investment in your smile can be one of the best decisions you make. If you feel embarrassed about any aspect of your smile this can cause you to hide it away in public or even not smile at all, which can give people the wrong impression about you can impact on your personal and professional life.

At our Luton dental practice we offer an extensive range of cosmetic treatments. If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, why not book a smile makeover consultation to see what we could do for you?

When you come into our Luton centre for a cosmetic dentistry consultation, your dentist will listen carefully to what you like or dislike about your current smile, and what you would like to achieve from treatment. They will then carefully examine your teeth, gums and surrounding structures, before running through the pros and cons of all appropriate treatments.

We appreciate that this is a big decision for you, so we will give you time to think about your options before we draw up a finalised treatment plan. This will detail all treatments and will include follow-up appointments, projected length of treatment and projected costs.