Cough Syrup (and Other Odd Items) that Ruin Your Teeth

What usually ruins teeth?

If you wish for whiter teeth, stay away from coffee-drinking, chain smoking and chewing the tip of your pens. Of course, constant consumption of soda and other sugary treats such as lollies threatens the aesthetics of your teeth, as well.

cosmetic dentistryYou know all of these fully well. But did you know that there are other hidden culprits behind teeth of a less than flattering colour?

Cough Syrup

The old stand-by for stubborn cough bears negative effects on your teeth. Cough syrups contain fructose, citric acid and sucrose, which may usher in tooth decay and erosion. Some people take these medications before bedtime or after they brush their teeth.

The syrup remains on the teeth all night, which dries the mouth due to its alcohol content. When your mouth has less saliva, the sugar and acid remain on the teeth.

Instead of drinking the medication before you go to bed, take it with a meal. The presence of saliva encourages less acid, which protects your mouth from decay.


Sometimes, a glass of lemonade is all you need after a hard day’s work. Your favourite drink is a deadly combination of sugar and acids. Decay results from the combination of the lemonade’s acids and the bacteria in your mouth. Add sugar into the mix and you have a potential tooth decay serum in a glass.

Acidic fruits, such as lemonade, strip the teeth of minerals. While saliva helps protect your teeth, too much acid leads to potential wear and erosion.

To keep enjoying your lemonade, remember to drink a lot of water afterwards. You can also use a straw so the liquid need not come in contact with your teeth. Refrain from brushing your teeth immediately after a meal or drink because if you do, you are just brushing your teeth with the acid.

White Wine

When it comes to teeth staining, red wine is the common culprit. But white is not much better for your oral health either. The wine’s tannins roughen your teeth’s surface, which results in a porous enamel susceptible to staining.

It pays to be aware of what can and cannot stain your teeth. Here at Vogue Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer guidance and treatment to help you achieve or maintain that bright and white smile. Get in touch with us now for more information.