Crooked teeth holding you back? Let Invisalign set you free!

You see them all around, people with straight white teeth, but many of them had misaligned teeth just like you! You are fortunate to live in an age where modern dental science and the wonder of technology have collaborated to create different treatments to correct misaligned teeth or malocclusion, to give the condition its dental name. In decades past you would be fitted with a metal dental brace which worked using blocks, wires and bands. Today the traditional brace has been redesigned resulting in a less cumbersome and more efficient dental straightening appliance. In addition, a new dental appliance called a dental aligner has been created and one of the most successful versions of this appliance is Invisalign Luton. You no longer have to feel self-conscious about smiling and you will be able to produce a smile equally as good, if not better than those around you.

How can I get the treatment?

At Vogue Dental Care we have an experienced team who have a great deal of expertise and skill correcting misaligned dental conditions like yours. To start off with you don’t even have to come into our dental practice. We have embraced a variety of communication platforms and all you have to do is call us. Complete the initial consultation, book an appointment form on our website or send your selfie form. We make it easy and convenient for you! We are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6.00pm and Saturdays from 9.00am to 2.00pm.

Digitalisation at work

Correcting your dental misalignment with Invisalign Luton is done using the latest technology resulting in greater efficiency than the traditional method. In the past we used to have to use gooey dental putty to create a mould of your teeth. We now use an iTero scanner which can take thousands of images and using compatible software we can create a digital mould. In addition our team will show you a virtual image of how your teeth will look after you have been treated. Digitisation brings accuracy ensuring that your new aligners are created to fit your teeth exactly. Our team is also able to communicate with the laboratory digitally so communication is quick.

How do the aligners work?

Traditional braces involve sticking blocks to the front or inside of your teeth and attaching wires and bands to slowly move your teeth by tightening. Invisalign Luton aligners can be mistaken for gum shields because they fit over your teeth. They are made from a clear dental thermoplastic which makes them difficult to detect. This makes them almost invisible which allows you to enjoy treatment discreetly. Our expert team will assess your condition and make a diagnosis. They will then send all your information to the laboratory. Using computer-aided equipment, they will create a series of aligners based on our instructions. Every aligner has a specific orientation which is designed to follow the previous aligner. Each aligner will gradually move your teeth according to the specifications we have given to the laboratory. To be effective you will be required to wear each aligner for at least twenty-two hours per day. You can remove them to eat, drink and brush your teeth. The duration of your treatment can be anything from 6 months to 18 months, depending on your condition.

Freedom to smile

At the end of your treatment we will provide you with a final aligner which is designed to hold your teeth in their new position. You can remove this aligner to take a new selfie, displaying your broad, confident smile without fear of embarrassment.