Getting and using Invisalign

Using clear aligners like Invisalign Luton is not the same as braces. We at Vogue Dental Care have a quick look at the treatment procedure and the technologies that make them so different.

Clear aligners take a very different tack to orthodontic treatment than the braces that came before them. Braces are permanently fixed to the teeth by a bracket along an archwire which is adjusted throughout treatment. At each adjustment, an orthodontist assesses how the teeth are moving and tightens or loosens various brackets on the archwire so that treatment progresses.

Dental aligners go about this almost back to front. They start with a very accurate picture of a patient’s current dental alignment and they predict the optimum state that their teeth could be in if they were aligned. They then work backwards to predict the pathway that each tooth has to be transposed through. From these pathways, appropriate aligners that will guide teeth can be inferred. This means all of the decisions that would normally be made throughout treatment by an orthodontist are pre-designed into a series of aligners.

The treatment journey

Assessment and goals

Clear aligners are useful for a wide range of patients but not all and an assessment is important to check if Invisalign Luton would be an appropriate and responsible treatment for you.

If your teeth are in a healthy condition and your misalignment is considered minor or cosmetic without the involvement of molars, then it is highly likely that we will agree an aligner treatment could help.

Scanning and modelling

To manufacture aligners that will be helpful for you and correct for your particular misalignment, extremely accurate measurements have to be made by us of the starting positions of your teeth. This used to be done using dental moulds but in our clinic, we use a direct oral scanner to capture precise detail rapidly and without the discomfort of dental moulds.

Manufacturing and delivery

Clear aligners are 3D printed from UV-cured resins; this is one of the key pieces of technology that allows aligners that are completely tailored to you to be produced at a reasonable price point. When you receive your aligners, you have to use them in the correct order as prescribed by our dentist, wearing them consistently day and night whenever you are not eating or drinking.

The flexibility that comes with removable orthodontic treatment has its disadvantages requiring some self-control to consistently use the aligner and reach the treatment milestones. Failing to consistently wear your aligners results in longer treatment times and can even result in reversion, when teeth start to move back to their original positions.


Throughout treatment, you always have guidance and advice from our clinic. If you don’t have any issues or questions, it’s still a good idea to come in for a check-up throughout the treatment to see if progress is occurring as planned. If there are any issues they can be caught early and corrected.

If you’re curious about treatment with Invisalign Luton, feel free to get in contact with our surgery and we would be happy to provide you with further information or book you in for an assessment.