How to protect oral health from the dentist Luton

Here at Vogue Dental Care, we put a real emphasis on preventive oral care as well as offering an extensive choice of options for improving the appearance of one’s smile. Preventive care is all about looking after the teeth and gums in order to minimise the risk of developing issues such as cavities and gum disease. This is the dentist Luton guide for all those who wish to protect their oral health and explains why this is so important.

Clean at home

As the dentist Luton, we advise all our patients to establish a regular routine that includes brushing and flossing. It is important not to use a toothbrush that is too hard or to brush for longer than two minutes, as both errors can result in damage to the enamel of the teeth. Enamel is the protective layer that covers the teeth and protects them from erosion.

Brushing should be done in combination with a fluoride toothpaste. Flossing should take place once per day. If the patient is unsure about how best to do this, they should consult with us to learn flossing techniques and/or consider using interdental brushes as an alternative option.


Making appointments with us for regular check-ups is vital for maintaining good oral health. This means that any potential issues are nipped in the bud before they start to cause discomfort or other problems. Check-ups should also include a thorough professional clean. The scale and polish allows us to remove any plaque that has not been reached with brushing at home, and helps to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the teeth and gums.

Be careful about diet

The patient who wishes to keep their smile healthy and attractive should keep sugary treats such as biscuits, cakes and sweets to a minimum. It is also a good idea to be mindful of the potential for sugar in other foods. Processed foods or ready meals that do not appear to be sweet may have sugar added, so it is well worth checking the labels of meals and snacks before deciding if they are the right choice.

Minimise alcohol

Fizzy drinks and alcoholic beverages such as wine and alcopops can be very acidic and cause erosion to the enamel of the teeth. This makes them more vulnerable to cavities and to being damaged in other ways.

Stop smoking

Smoking is a leading cause of damage to the teeth and gums, and consequently, tooth loss. Smoking while drinking alcoholic drinks is especially bad for one’s oral health. Combining the two activities dramatically increases the risk of all sorts of issues with the teeth and gums, particularly oral cancer.

Oral health and its importance

Protecting one’s oral health has a range of benefits. Firstly, a person’s smile has a significant impact on how confident they feel about their appearance. Secondly, the patient with healthy teeth and gums does not have to worry about bad breath. Thirdly, they are at much smaller risk of suffering from issues such as gum disease and tooth loss. And finally, research has shown that the person with good oral health is much more likely to enjoy good general health.