Make-over in minutes!

As we age, we notice our skin begins to lose that fresh, plumpness and all that smiling and laughing (or grimacing and frowning) leads to permanent creases that become increasingly obvious with the passage of time. There are hundreds of creams and serums on the market all claiming to reduce wrinkles and fill lines to create a more youthful-looking skin but they can only do so much. At Vogue Dental Care we go a step further. In Luton,dermal fillers are available at our practice.

dermal-fillersSo what are dermal fillers?

The treatment is a temporary cosmetic procedure that takes just a few minutes yet lasts from six to twelve months depending on the patient’s skin type and the area treated. The result is immediate and gives patients a smoother, younger looking skin. It’s a two-stage process beginning with the administration of a local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort. Ageing leads to a reduction in the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid so the dermal filler treatment process involves injecting a sterile hyaluronic acid gel into the skin.

So where can you have a dermal filler in Luton?

Basically, anywhere on your face, hand and neck where you have wrinkles, dermal filler can be used. It is also used on lips to enhance the shape, although the treatment wears off more quickly on lips than on the skin. The amazing results patients get with this treatment are easily maintained through regular appointments for repeat treatments.

It’s easy to see why more and more people are investing in dermal fillers to enjoy a youthful skin. The fact that there is no surgery involved is obviously a major attraction. Furthermore, it is painless and the only after-effect is smoother, more beautiful skin. The other key advantage to this type of cosmetic skin treatment is the speed. For busy people with hectic professional or personal lives, dermal filler treatment that can be done in just a few minutes with immediate results and no recovery time is the perfect solution.

In Luton, dermal fillers are the skin treatment of choice for a growing demographic as awareness of dermal fillers spreads and as more people are invest in retaining or obtaining younger-looking skin.