We give reasons why you should drink more water

Here, at Vogue Dental Care, with our dentist Luton, we offer a wide range of treatments to improve oral health and get a better smile. We understand that a person’s smile can make or break how confident they feel about their appearance, so we also offer advice on how our patients can help themselves to look their best. One of the easiest ways to do that is by drinking more water. Here, we explain why our dentist Luton recommends that this should be the main choice of beverage for oral health.


Drinking water is well known as the best way to hydrate the whole body for good general health. However, not everyone knows that keeping the mouth hydrated is also very important. A dry mouth not only causes discomfort, but it is also a major contributor to bad breath. Having bad breath can have a significant impact on a person’s confidence, and if they do not have any other issues with their teeth and gums, drinking water is an easy way to remedy the problem.

In addition, regular consumption of water helps to promote the production of saliva. Saliva offers important protective properties for the teeth and gums, and helps to keep them healthy.  When a person is producing sufficient saliva, they are less likely to develop cavities and gum disease.


Most tap water has fluoride added to it, and this means that drinking it is very helpful in protecting oral health. Fluoride is excellent at helping to prevent tooth decay. The result of this is that people are less likely to suffer from cavities, which means fewer trips to our dentist Luton (and less money spent) for treatments such as fillings.

A better alternative

Some people consume very little water, and instead choose to hydrate themselves with other drinks. In many cases, these are unhealthy choices for the teeth and gums. Beverages such as cola and other fizzy drinks can erode the enamel of the teeth, making them much more vulnerable to damage and deterioration. This can happen even if diet versions are chosen.  If a person opts for sugary fizzy drinks, or even consumes a lot of juices, then they are significantly increasing their risk of developing cavities.

Less snacking

If a person is sipping on water throughout the day, they are much less likely to eat between meals. Snacks that are consumed between meals are often of the sugary variety, which can contribute to poor oral health. Being dehydrated is often mistaken for being hungry and can cause people to reach for snacks such as sweets, cakes and chocolate. Drinking plenty of water can stop these urges from occurring and help to protect the teeth and gums in the process.

Drinking water throughout the day has a range of benefits for a person’s oral health. If they consume around two litres per day, then they are more likely to have fresh breath and teeth that are better protected from deterioration. The person who chooses water as their main beverage is more likely to make healthier eating choices too and this also helps to protect the teeth and gums.