What to expect when visiting the dentist

Helping patients with anxiety and phobias surrounding dentists and dental practices

When a patient suffers from anxiety, whether mild or severe, it is important that the situation is taken seriously and that is why all of our dental team, from the receptionist through to the dentist Luton will work with our patients to ensure that their comfort is at an optimum level. We want all our patients to feel at ease during their visits to our dental practice and this is why we offer modern and minimally invasive treatments and procedures, combined with a caring, understanding and sensitive approach to our services and patient care.

With the use of modern dental treatments and procedures our team aims to reduce as much physical and emotional discomfort as possible, so by going the extra mile for patients we aim to reduce the discomfort in whatever way we can.  Our dentist Luton understands that there are a variety of anxiety and fear factors surrounding visits to a dental practice and therefore all of our team have great awareness and understanding of the situation. Whilst you are in our care, our team will ensure that any questions asked are answered in detail and any requests made by any nervous patient will be met or adjusted to the best of the practice’s ability. Our aim is to put you at ease before, during and after your appointment, as we want to encourage you to have regular dental check-ups and in time want to help reduce and eliminate any anxiety issues that may have arisen over the years.

The oral hygiene process and how it is approached

Carrying out a thorough oral hygiene clean each day  is so important for the overall health of the teeth and gums and whilst our dentist can carry out thorough cleans during your regular appointments, the main responsibility lies with the patient. 

Following the preventive care method is the first approach our dentist Luton takes, as in the long term this will in most cases decrease the need for future dental treatments and procedures. Working as a team with our patients is therefore a priority and one that we take seriously. Daily care and maintenance of the teeth and gums is so important and relies heavily on the dedication to the process by the patient. Therefore along with our thorough cleaning process during visits we also do our best to educate our patients. Having an effective and efficient oral hygiene process at home is so imperative, that creating a plan within the dental practice is of the utmost importance. Whilst we may not want to think too carefully about cleaning our teeth each day, it is important to get the correct process to work at home.

The length of time between each visit to our dentist will depend on the individual patient’s case, as there are various outside factors which could impact the need for more regular appointments. By using the combination of regular dental appointments,  and an efficient oral hygiene routine at home, the need for more invasive or in depth dental treatments and procedures is  greatly reduced.