Your dentist the go-to for dermal fillers

The dentist may not be your first port of call when thinking about cosmetic enhancement for your face. A beauty salon may pop into your head, or maybe a doctor. However, many more dentists are branching out into the area of non-surgical cosmetic treatments and it makes more sense than you think!

At Vogue Dental Care in Luton, dermal fillers are one of the medical aesthetic treatments we offer. We know that more and more patients are concerned about how they look as they age. We know how vital it is to self-esteem, confidence and personal and professional relationships that you are happy and at ease with how you look.

dermal-fillers-lutonIn-depth knowledge

As dentists, we have studied the anatomy of the face in-depth and so we are well qualified to offer dermal fillers in Luton. We offer more expertise than you get from a beauty therapist and are more cost-effective than a doctor.

It’s particularly important with dermal fillers that you receive the treatment from a practitioner that has anatomical knowledge of the face. The success of it depends on knowing exactly where to apply the filler so it gives the most natural looking effect. The last thing you want is for your face to look blown up and unnatural.

There are a few different dermal fillers available. We use one of the more well-used products, Restylane. It is a sterile gel made from non-animal hyaluronic acid. May sound like a scary substance but our bodies actually make it naturally. It is a natural sugar found in the skin. As we age we produce less of it, so the dermal filler simply tops up our natural store, where it is needed most.

Immediate effect

After you receive a dermal filler in Luton, you will see the effect immediately. It is also a long-lasting treatment – between six and 12 months. The process itself is painless as we will apply a gentle anaesthetic to the area we are working on. This also helps to reduce the chance of bruising around the injection site.

It is possible that you may have some reaction, so if you are having a dermal filler in Luton for a special occasion, come for the appointment at least two days before the event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do drop in or give us a call to find out more.